Redeemer Parish Day School celebrates
70 years and an expansion through third grade!
Fall 2021
"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."
-Winnie the Pooh
Director's Reflection
Dear Friends of Redeemer,

It is hard to believe that it has been more than 20 years since my husband, Stuart, and I began our first school search for our oldest son Aden. At the time we were living in Washington, DC and planning a move to Baltimore to coincide with Stuart’s recent transfer. A native of Baltimore, his family and friends were full of advice and suggestions, reasons to attend this school or that. As an educator, I understood the importance of early childhood education. The decision, one that would impact our children for the rest of their lives, was so important.

We were looking for a joyful program where learning was fun, a school where it was ok to be noisy and muddy knees and splotches of paint were signs of a great day. It was important to find a nurturing environment that embraced young learners and would accept our children for who they were, both their strengths and challenges. A program that emphasized being a good person meant that mistakes were embraced, building children's confidence and comfort in taking risks and accepting failure. Most importantly, we wanted our children in the hands of kind teachers who would provide a learning foundation and experience that would prepare them for all that would lie ahead.

After touring countless preschool programs, we knew Redeemer was where we wanted them to be. A waitlist and six months later, we were thrilled to learn that a spot became available for our son. I hand delivered our enrollment deposit within hours.

At the time we felt fortunate to become part of such a wonderful community, but little did we know then that Redeemer would become so much more to us. As a family, we formed bonds and friendships that still exist today. Redeemer was not just a school; it was a gift that would last a lifetime!

A lot has changed at Redeemer, but much has remained the same. Please enjoy reading this newsletter to catch up on life at PDS and our recent expansion.

We hope you will share our exciting news. Thank you for spreading the word about all Redeemer Parish Day School has to offer!

Warm regards,
Mary Knott

What's New at Redeemer?
Partnership with Govans Elementary
We are excited to be fostering a public-private school partnership with our neighbors at Govans Elementary.

Extended Day Options
Beginning in the fall of 2022, we will be adding extended day options after school. Students in our 3s through 2nd grade may be dropped off as early as 8:00 and can stay until 5:30.

Commitment to Affordability
Between 2019 and 2020, we increased our financial assistance allocation by 10% and tripled it from 2020 and 2021. We are committed to providing an affordable school option for the early years, with small classes and low teacher-student ratios, as well as need-based financial assistance.

Expansion through Third Grade
By 2023, we will have expanded through the third grade, becoming the only program in the Baltimore area that offers a full early childhood experience.

Research supports the preschool through third grade learning model.


Redeemer has a longstanding tradition of promoting strong social, emotional and cognitive growth in young learners, emphasizing individuality within the context of a supportive and vital community with programs for 2s, 3s, pre-k, kindergarten, pre-first and first-grade students.

The Redeemer teachers are a talented, kind, and dedicated group of professionals whose mission is to provide a nurturing environment in which to educate 21st century learners.

As we expand our program to complete early childhood education through third grade, we are excited to welcome our first group of second graders in the fall of 2022 and third grade in 2023.

Our website will provide a glimpse of who we are. Families interested in enrollment are encouraged to visit our school to see first-hand the spirit and energy of Redeemer Parish Day School.

We are proud of who we are!

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Catch a glimpse of the joy of Redeemer!
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Hi Neighbor! Initiative

Strengthening Ties with Govans Elementary
Church of the Redeemer is one of Govans’ long-time partners. As our school program expands, developing a stronger school relationship between Govans Elementary and PDS is central to our mission.
We are excited to connect our first-grade students with a class of first graders at Govans. We are calling this initiative “Hi Neighbor!”. We are planning activities for both groups to participate in such as Pen Pal writing, Zoom meetings, etc. When it is safe, we would also like to plan in-person activities. More details to come!
We believe we will all benefit from forging a strong connection with our neighbors and are excited to see how this program grows and where it takes us!