Dear International Families,
We are delighted to welcome you to the Tilton School community and cannot wait until you arrive on campus! We realize that while this is an exciting time for you, you probably have some questions and anxiety about getting to know your new home or returning after your time remote learning this past year. The following information highlights some of the ways we hope to support you, as you join us at Tilton. If you are a returning family, we know that much of this information is familiar to you, but please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions as they arise.

The Student Life Office 

I would like to introduce you to the Student Life Team, who will be working closely with you in your arrival or return to school.

Chapel Love, Dean of Students – As Dean of Students, I oversee Student Life on Campus including Residential Life, Campus Policies, Procedures, and Discipline. In addition, I coordinate Tilton’s Advisory Program described below.

Emily Johnson, Assistant Dean of Students – Emily oversees student travel to and from campus and you should contact her directly about arrangements as you make them. She will ensure that your dorm parents are informed about arrival times and will assist you with questions about transportation options throughout the year. Emily is also in charge of student attendance and her role in academic monitoring and with Student Life helps to identify students who are demonstrating early difficulty in meeting standards and who need extra support. In addition, Emily is Tilton’s Assistant Director of Athletics and works with student leaders in all areas of Student Life.

Pam deVeaux, Assistant Dean of Students – Pam runs programming for Student Activities across campus and in the dorms. She works closely with students to design events and activities during the week and on weekends and supports our Student Government as they plan our All-School Meetings. Pam helps us all to build relationships through fun and new experiences.


Registration for boarding students will be on September 2nd this year. We know that our International Students often appreciate time to adjust to campus and the time change prior to the start of our official All-Student Orientation, and so we invite you to arrive on August 31st. We will be sending a campus shuttle to Boston-Logan airport for an 8 pm EST pick-up for those students who are arriving to Boston on the 31st. Please contact Emily Johnson for more information about this shuttle. A full list of options for transportation to school from regional airports can be found on our information for travelers page on our website. All students will need to arrive in time to attend Registration on September 2nd at the latest.
World Community Partners (WCP)

As an international student at Tilton School, you will automatically become a member of the World Community Partners. This is a student led organization designed to welcome you to Tilton School and help you adjust to our traditions and unique culture. This group will convene early in the year to establish supportive relationships with one another, allowing returning students to assist new students in their adjustment. All students at Tilton are welcome to join the WCP. We know that students vary in their adjustment time and needs and this group meets periodically throughout the year for continued support and connection.
Advisor Program

In addition to having the support of your peers, each Tilton Student has an advisor. This faculty member is assigned to you (returning students may request a particular advisor be considered) and is your families first point of contact with the school for questions and updates. Students turn to their advisors for everything from advice about navigating some of the challenges of being a teenager, to questions about academics, school and campus policies. Your advisor is also the person that dorm parents, teachers, and Student Life Deans will reach out to about your achievements and needs throughout the year. You will receive information about and meet your advisor at the start of the year; if you have questions or concerns over the summer, you are welcome to contact me in the Student Life Office and I will connect you with the best person to answer your questions, if not myself. 

One of our greatest assets for new students are our student proctors. Your dorm will have at least one student leader called a “Proctor” who lives on your floor and whose main purpose is to help you to adjust to living in a dorm setting and to be successful at Tilton School. The proctor works closely with your dorm parent and other faculty in running the dorm, but is really there to support you. You should feel comfortable reaching out to the proctor for your hall at any time, as this is what they are prepared for.  


I am sure you have more questions that I have not addressed here, and I want you to feel comfortable knowing that we will work with you each step of the way! The Information for New and Returning Families page on our website provides information regarding travel for breaks, important dates, dress code, packing lists, transportation, cell phones, and etc. Please bookmark this page and check back throughout the summer, as information is added and updated periodically.
If you don’t find an answer to your question or if you’d just like to say hello, please reach out to me via email at or by WeChat at Love_Tilton. If you have specific questions about transportation to and from campus, please reach out to Emily Johnson, Assistant Dean of Students at
Warm regards,
Chapel Love ‘94 
Dean of Students