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The CHC office will be closed from Friday, December 21, 2018 through Tuesday, January 1, 2019. The office will reopen on Wednesday, January 2, at 8:00AM Central Time. 


Research and Advocacy

The Opioid Crisis in America has prompted a healthcare industry call for 
 non-pharmacologic pain management ALTERNATIVES. 
Homeopathy answers this call. 

Research Update
In September 2018, a positive homeopathic remedy pain study made the headlines in  Nature magazine's science journal,  Scientific Reports!
The study links homeopathic Rhus tox to reduced neuropathic pain . Neuropathic pain (neuropathy) is characterized by painful oversensitivity to external stimuli, including noxious stimuli like tissue-damaging injury and non-noxious stimuli such as the touch of bed sheets on skin. Neuropathic pain is on the rise worldwide mainly due to the ageing population, improved post-chemotherapy survival rates, and increased incidence of diabetes. 
Although opioids (Vicodin and OxyContin), gabapentinoids (Neurontin), and tricyclic antidepressants (Wellbutrin) clinically reduce neuropathy pain, researchers state that "the issue of neuropathic pain management with  safe and effective remedies is still unresolved." Because Rhus tox has shown anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic activity in previous studies, this research group sought to test the homeopathic remedy's ability to block the effects of painful stimuli. 
In the study, laboratory mice with neuropathy experienced less painful sensitivity to cold, warm, and touch stimuli when dosed with homeopathic Rhus tox for 14 days. Rhus tox also helped improve uncomfortable symptoms of numbness, tingling, and weakness in the affected areas. 
Advocacy Update 
During a recent Pain Policy Congress sponsored by the Academy of Integrative Pain Management (AIPM) and Integrative Health Policy Consortium (IHPC), homeopathy was presented as one of several non-pharmacologic alternatives to pain management. Support is needed to continue establishing homeopathy as viable non-pharmacologic pain management alternative. 

How can YOU help with this important initiative? 

Submit: AIPM is collecting patient non-pharmacologic pain management success stories to help educate pain management professionals, legislators, and insurers. Support this effort by submitting your story  HERE . The CHC would also love to hear your story at  chcinfo@homeopathicdirectory.com.

Donate:  Your donation supports the development of a toolkit that can help integrate homeopathic practitioners into mainstream pain management teams. Donate HERE.



CCH practitioners needed at Northern California Red Cross Shelters

Camp Fire,  a wildfire that began early last month near Butte County California, has been labeled the most devastating and destructive wildfire in US history. 

Kathleen Scheible, CCH, and a small team gained access for Certified Classical Homeopaths (CCH) into the Integrative Healers Action Network (IHAN). IHAN is a non-profit organization, formed during last year's Sonoma County fires, that aligns with the Red Cross to allow licensed Complementary and Alternative Medical (CAM) practitioners to provide their services at Red Cross facilities. Kathleen reports that "the CHC having the NCCA accreditation was instrumental" during this process. 

As of last week, Certified Classical Homeopaths (CCH credential) who also have professional malpractice insurance are allowed to participate in the IHAN-Red Cross initiative. The CHC offers a policy through the American Acupuncture Council (800-838-0380) (a quarter-year policy is available), and CCH holders who are also NASH members have a reasonably-priced malpractice option as well. CCH IHAN/Red Cross volunteers must also pass a background check and sign liability waivers.

Click to register with IHAN to help with current and future disasters.  

The CHC extends its support and well wishes to Camp Wildfire victims and the volunteer responders.

Noel Peterson, MBA, CCH 
CHC Co-Vice President and Treasurer, CHC Board Director, 
Strategic Planning Committee and Finance Committee Chairs

Please join us in celebrating the people who work behind the scenes to move the CHC and the homeopathy profession forward each day! We extend heartfelt thanks to each board member. 
This month we asked Noel Peterson  to share his story:

How did you begin your journey as a homeopath? 
I always believed the body had a natural ability to heal itself. This innate curiosity led me to explore various alternative health modalities from a young age. I knew this vast field was special when I was able to heal myself of plantar warts using strictly energetic Healing Touch/Reiki methods. I decided a career in alternative medicine was imminent! I studied different disciplines on my own and completed many college tours at several Chiropractic, Naturopathic, and Chinese Medicine schools. But my search ended when I discovered the deepest, most lasting medicine known in the world today: classical homeopathy! At first, I resisted it since I didn't really understand how homeopathy worked. But I knew that since it was operating on levels deeper than our current medical understanding and methodologies would allow, I knew I was searching in the right place. I then enrolled at Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy which was fortunately located in my hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I graduated in 2009 and then moved to Austin, Texas in early 2010 where I've maintained a full-time practice ever since.

What is your vision about the future of Homeopathy as a profession?   My vision is consistent with the CHC's vision, which was a fortunate coincidence I discovered after becoming CCH-certified, and which led me to want to become more involved with like-minded individuals at the CHC. We are not an overtly large industry, but we all feel very strongly about what kind of difference homeopathy can make in people's lives. As such, I would like to see homeopathy practiced more readily throughout our country. This would mean access and availability of highly-trained and qualified homeopaths and safe homeopathic remedies becoming more abundant. That, along with the elimination of the frequent mis-information campaigns against homeopathy that render us having to often fight and defend our ability to do what we love to do. Basically, I'd prefer a "harassment-free" work environment!

What message do you wish to extend to the CHC certificants, candidates, and exam applicants?  
There are many paths to move our profession forward. And one of the key elements in each of those paths is ensuring all homeopaths are practicing competently, professionally, and ethically. One of the reasons the Council for Homeopathic Certification was established was to help achieve that end. We need to augment our ardent passion for homeopathy with the skills and knowledge to utilize it well in order to heal people rapidly, gently, and reliably (Aphorism 2 of the "The Organon"). Work hard to become board-certified from the nationally-accredited Council for Homeopathic Certification. Keep fighting the good fight! Each of us who has attained this esteemed credential know it is not an easy or quick path, but it is one worth traveling. If not only for ourselves, but for the people we serve through the beautiful healing art and science of homeopathy. Our community and the world deserve such greatness from us! 

Anything else you would like to share?  Sales of homeopathic remedies have risen dramatically throughout the world in recent years, rising at rates faster than pharmaceuticals. Over 200 million people use homeopathy worldwide, and this number is climbing. The CHC is poised to grow with these industry trends. We're focused on maintaining the elevated standards for professional homeopathic practice in North America. But we can't do it without you! Be sure to contact the CHC office for any questions related to recertifying or taking a future exam. We're looking forward to helping you attain your well-earned certification!  


Avoid credential lapse - recertify before 2/28/2019
To everyone who has completed this year's annual recertification, we say thank you! Your CEU docs are in Review, and you can expect to receive an updated digital certificate and Letter of Good Standing during December or early January. And, for those still working on it, y ou have about two months to recertify without lapsing your CCH. 

For more detailed information about recertification requirements and late fees please refer to the  Recertification Handbook

Still in need of ACHENA-approved CEUs?
Find  a great selection of approved pre-recorded and live courses at achena.org


Ensure Continued Access to Homeopathic Remedies

Americans for Homeopathy Choice needs your help!  Act Now  and support Americans for Homeopathy Choice, a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to safeguarding the freedom of choice and access to homeopathic remedies.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing new guidelines for regulating homeopathic remedies that could potentially restrict access to entire categories of homeopathic products. To ensure continued unrestricted access to homeopathic products, please join Americans for Homeopathy Choice efforts to oppose the proposed guidelines. 
Sign the petition here:  https://homeopathychoice.org/petition/
Thank you on behalf of Americans for Homeopathy Choice and all homeopathy supporters!
"Promoting Homeopathic Excellence Through Certification"

To advance the homeopathic profession by certifying individuals who meet and maintain a recognized standard of professional and ethical competence in classical homeopathy and to assist the general public in choosing appropriately qualified homeopaths.

We envision a healthcare system that encompasses certified classical homeopathic practitioners to be accessible to all.