The Opioid Crisis in America has prompted a healthcare industry call for  non-pharmacologic pain management ALTERNATIVES. 

 Homeopathy answers this call, and the CHC is positioned as a valuable resource for finding certified homeopathic practitioners. 

to support CHC advocacy efforts in developing a toolkit to integrate homeopathy professionals into mainstream pain management teams.

During this season of gratitude, the CHC is thankful for your ongoing support. 
The CHC Office will close at noon CT on Wednesday, 11/21/2018, 
 and reopen at 9A CT on Monday, 11/26/2018. 


NOVEMBER 30TH Recertification Deadline Approaching Soon
To everyone who has completed this year's annual recertification, we say thank you! Your CEU docs will be reviewed during November, and you can expect to receive an updated digital certificate and Letter of Good Standing during December. And for those of you who are still working on it - let us know if we can help. Contact  for answers  or for CHC system technical support. 

For more detailed information about recertification requirements and the process, please refer to the  Recertification Handbook

Because you asked...
Many of you have asked why the CHC places such importance on recertification. In response, we present a two-part answer to this great question.
First, each of you as CHC certificants adds value to the CCH credential by recertifying each year. When a homeopath is initially certified by the CHC, she or he is certified as a competent, entry-level classical homeopathic practitioner. The annual recertification process helps certificants move beyond the entry-level point, and it reinforces the validity (factual accurateness and legal soundness) of the credential.  
Second, the recertification process is one part of the CHC's commitment to meet National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) standards that  require certification organizations adhere to established best practices. The CHC upholds best practices with a stated  recertification time period (12 months) and a recertification requirement verification mechanism - Continuing Professional Development (CPD). 
Thank you for recertifying! Your efforts, one CPD activity at a time, benefit the entire professional homeopathic community. 

Still in need of ACHENA-approved CEUs?
Find  a great selection of approved pre-recorded and live courses at
The CHC is grateful for ACHENA's diligent and efficient efforts at approving an extensive list of CEU options in time for this year's recertification. 
Good to know!
If you certified in 2018, you are not required to recertify this year. Your first recertification will be due by November 30, 2019. 

Ilana Meyers, CCH, 
CHC Board Director and Item Writing Committee Chair

Please join us in celebrating the people who work behind the scenes to move the CHC and the homeopathy profession forward each day! We extend heartfelt thanks to each board member. 
This month we asked Ilana Meyers  to share her story:

How did you begin your journey as a homeopath? Thirty years ago, I was introduced to homeopathy by a close friend who was working for a homeopath. She suggested a remedy that ended up curing a chronic condition I had suffered with for years! This piqued my interest and compelled me to immerse myself in the study of homeopathy. After 20 years as an "amateur" , I decided to make it official by attending a program in upstate New York and ultimately finishing my clinical studies at Teleosis Homeopathic Collaborative in Boston, Massachusetts.  

What is your vision about the future of Homeopathy as a profession?   I see the future wide open with possibilities. I think as more and more people become educated about the benefits and possibilities homeopathy has to offer, it will continue to grow. It's important to be generous with our knowledge and to just keep sharing our successes and experiences with the public.  

What message do you wish to extend to the CHC certificants, candidates, and exam applicants?  Homeopathy is not the path of least resistance. Upon embarking on a career in homeopathy, one must always be ready to educate consumers/clients, look forward to a lifetime of learning for ourselves and be prepared to defend our point of view. There will always be naysayers; we can only try our best to help people who want to be helped.   One can never have enough patience, determination and curiosity. Homeopathy will always provide something new for us to discover and study.  

Anything else you would like to share?  If I could do it all over again, I would go back for a degree in nursing or psychology to complement my certification in homeopathy. It's never too late-I may end up back in school yet again!!


Ensure Continued Access to Homeopathic Remedies

Americans for Homeopathy Choice needs your help!  Act Now  and support Americans for Homeopathy Choice, a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to safeguarding the freedom of choice and access to homeopathic remedies.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing new guidelines for regulating homeopathic remedies that could potentially restrict access to entire categories of homeopathic products. To ensure continued unrestricted access to homeopathic products, please join Americans for Homeopathy Choice efforts to oppose the proposed guidelines. 
Sign the petition here:
Thank you on behalf of Americans for Homeopathy Choice and all homeopathy supporters!

Homeopathy and Pain Management

The prescription opioid crisis in the US continues to garner attention from healthcare professionals, policy makers, insurers, and consumers. During a recent Pain Policy Congress sponsored by the Academy of Integrative Pain Management (AIPM) and Integrative Health Policy Consortium (IHPC), homeopathy was presented as one of several non-pharmacologic alternatives to pain management. In the next Communique, watch for news about the exciting potential outcomes from this initiative and about recent positive pain management investigations involving a commonly-used remedy -  it's not Arnica!
In the meantime, AIPM is collecting patient non-pharmacologic pain management success stories to help educate pain management professionals, legislators, and insurers. Support this effort by submitting your story HERE. The CHC would also love to hear your story:

"Promoting Homeopathic Excellence Through Certification"

To advance the homeopathic profession by certifying individuals who meet and maintain a recognized standard of professional and ethical competence in classical homeopathy and to assist the general public in choosing appropriately qualified homeopaths.

We envision a healthcare system that encompasses certified classical homeopathic practitioners to be accessible to all.