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Great changes have been made to the Learning Fund of which its vendors need to be aware. We are now implementing a new system and software for Learning Fund transactions and purchases. While these changes are being implemented, there will be a short lapse in our ability to approve and pay for services rendered. That means, we ask that you do not perform services for Epic students right now that would be processed for payment through the school. Again, this will only be for a short time, and we will notify you as soon as our systems are fully operationally. For right now, parents may opt into service agreements with you at their own discretion, but Epic will not reimburse a parent for services that are paid out of their pocket during this interim period.

Please see below for the updated Learning Fund processes and policies:

  • Beginning this scholastic year, we will be utilizing a new Vendor Policy that will allow us to allocate and hold funds needed for vendor invoices. A Reserve Hold will be requested much the same way an order is placed in the Learning Fund. There will be a data entry field that our teachers and parents can place the request for fund allocations.
  • The data fields will help us determine (1) which vendor is being used, (2) which vendor service is being provided, (3) how much the allocation will be for and (4) the duration of services. It will need to be approved prior to services being rendered.
  • We MUST have a Purchase Order (PO) in place prior to services being rendered. This is key to vendors being paid for their services.
  • Once the Reserve Hold has been approved, a copy of the PO will be emailed to the parent, teacher and vendor. This will serve as the letter of intent to pay for services allowing the vendor to provide services without the worry of depleted available funds.
  • After the services have been rendered, the same process will still be in place. EPIC will now require an invoice PER INDIVIDUAL STUDENT be sent to activity@epiccharterschools.org. The school will then invoice monthly against the PO and subtract the amount of the service from the Reserve Hold amount. Once the Reserve Hold has been depleted, the process will need to begin again.
  • Reserve Holds cannot be deleted or deducted against except for the following:
  • a discontinuation of services from the vendor and/or parent.
  • damages to technology curriculum items.
  • A withdraw of student from Epic.
  • If a Vendor is not listed on the drop-down menu, they have not been confirmed, or are missing information needed for Epic to finalize their approval status.
  • Lastly, should a deduction from a Reserve Hold result in the allocation not covering an invoice, the remainder can come out of the Learning Fund if another Reserve Hold is requested. However, if the funding is not available, per school policy “parent(s) are entering into a contract with the vendor, not EPIC Charter School,” and any overages must be paid for by the parents and is not the responsibility of the Learning Fund, or Epic Charter School.

Thank you for your assistance with these new policies. We appreciate your support and will be back in touch when systems are fully operational, and you can begin to provide services for school reimbursement and invoice. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at Learningfund@epiccharterschools.org.


EPIC Learning Fund Department

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