February 2022
A Message from the Admissions Office
We are pleased to offer you a glimpse of our program and community in this latest issue of our Discover MPH e-newsletter. Our Admissions team stands ready to assist your continued exploration of the School and offer support should you decide to submit an application for admission. While we may (still!) be reimagining our admissions process to align with evolving health and safety protocols, we are confident we can offer prospective families an informative and personalized experience that deepens your understanding of MPH. In the meantime, enjoy the stories below, specifically curated to share highlights from the current school year. 

Nicole Cicoria
Director of Admissions
In Case You Missed These ...
Watch our January Admissions Info Sessions
We are pleased to share the recordings from the Admissions Information Sessions held (virtually) last month:
Early Learning Session (for those exploring Pre-K or K)
Grades 1–12 Session
And…Should You Wish to Take That Next Step…

We encourage those families who haven’t done so already — but who are eager to take the next step and submit an application — to do so by March 1.
Please do not hesitate to email us at admissions@mphschool.org if you need assistance with the process or have other questions that weren’t covered in the information sessions. 
Pre-K Kids Discovering Different Places
and Spaces This Winter!
This Pre-K class got some time under a parachute in Core Health in mid-January. The students were attempting to create a mushroom effect working together to bring the mushroom down to make an igloo. Recently they also had the chance to visit the big dance studio on campus as a reward for being helpful to friends and demonstrating acts of kindness. The students were able to enjoy the big space with Mrs. Wilson.
Grade 3 Gets
off the Ground
Students in Grade 3 learned about space exploration in February and read Moonshot, a book about the Apollo 11 trip to the moon. Students reported to class each day with official NASA badges and, after reading the book, acted out tableaus of important events and scenes from the mission (and all this done without the benefit of being in zero or reduced gravity!).
Middle Schoolers Get Hands-On at STEM Fair
In early February, Middle School students participated in their own (in-school) STEM Fair. Each scientist posed their own question, designed an experiment, and executed their experimental ideas while gathering relevant data. The STEM Fair is a tradition that has about 20 years of history at MPH, with students often doing well when MPH later hosts a broader STEM fair that includes area schools (COVID-willing it will be held this year); some MPH scientists then also move on to the CNY Science & Engineering Fair.
Applying Spanish Skills to Real-World Scenarios
Grade 6 Spanish students chose a business in a Spanish-speaking community to research and then create with household materials. The class made a storefront and practiced how to sell and buy items, all while using cultural expressions to bargain for the best price.
“Enlightened” World History Students Produce News…Creatively
Ms. Chhablani's World History class kicked off the month of December by completing projects on the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment. They had a choice of starting a revolution, making a speech, or producing a period newspaper. As one example, Elise and Gabby created this particularly creative newspaper:
(Select image to view the entire paper)
For the Love of Horses: Grade 9 Students Share Their Passion with Lower Schoolers 
Ninth graders Arabella and Alexis visited the second-grade classroom in early December to tell the students about their shared passion outside of school — horses. The girls told the group of inquisitive 7- and 8-year-olds that they started horseback riding when they were about 4 or 5 years old. They also explained that they are each responsible for the care of four to six horses at the stable they belong to, and they both compete in horse shows and jumping competitions. They showed pictures of their horses and talked about the unique personalities of each one. Feeding, brushing, and riding their horses almost every day, they explained, represents their commitment to the care of their beautiful four-legged friends. These Upper Schoolers enriched their presentation by also bringing in brushes, hoof picks, and even horseshoes to show their appreciative and attentive younger audience.
Before the Snow… Trail Maintenance Club Worked Hard to Prepare for Winter
Pictured here are Ileana, Ben, and Molly with MPH’s Trail Maintenance Club, helping to clear the School’s nature trail of fallen leaves back in December — before significant snowfall was upon us. Clearing the leaves at that point was bound to set the trail up to be in better shape for this coming spring, when the club (now on hiatus) will resume its helpful work around the campus. We all look forward to getting out there when the weather turns and hope as many people as possible from the School’s community can enjoy this MPH hidden gem.
Celebrating Lunar New Year with Calligraphy

The Far East Club celebrated Lunar New Year in February with a calligraphy event. Chinese calligraphy is a form of literal and figurative expression whereby characters are penned with grace and emotion. Chinese couplets are short poems that use language to find balance and harmony, and displays of these are ubiquitous on homes and storefronts during the Lunar New Year celebration. For the Far East Club activity captured here, students learned to write calligraphy in couplet form using red paper, brushes, fans, and ink stone. 
Animal Shelter
Supply Drive Big Success

Seniors Eden and Matthew, organizers of the Holiday Supply Drive for a local animal shelter, extended their gratitude at an early-January All-School Meeting to all those who donated to the effort. They were thrilled to announce that the drive made a big and positive impact. Thanks to the MPH community, they collected more than 330 pounds of pet food, as well as numerous toys and accessories, and were able to deliver everything to the appreciative Humane Association of CNY on December 22.
Volunteers and Students Make Increased Testing a Possibility
As we necessarily increased the amount and frequency of COVID-19 testing for our students and employees in the New Year, we could not have done so without the help of our Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) class students and volunteer employees. (How does the lab know whose sample is whose? Our care-full volunteers have helped to label and barcode each sample.) Throughout the pandemic, we have appreciated everyone’s partnership in our Social Compact, which keeps us all safely learning and growing.
MPH: Making Pandemic History
We hope you will take some time to watch this video, produced at the end of last school year (2020-2021), to gain an understanding of how our community has navigated the pandemic.
Spotlight on the Arts
The arts at MPH enrich students’ learning and growth, as much as they serve to brighten the lives of community members who are able to enjoy their “fruits” — even in the heart of winter. Shared here are images and recordings of some of the artistic endeavors that our students have participated in this season and that the broader MPH community has been able to appreciate and enjoy. 
Lower School Winter Concert
Middle and Upper School Winter Concert
Upper School Choreography Concert
Scholastic Art Awards
Matthew Roberson | "Rebirth"
Nicholas Trivelpiece | "Vision"
Isabella DeRollo-Bird | "The Past Keeps Pulling Me Back"
Eden Hildebrandt | "Rhonda"
Emily Zaitsev | Untitled
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