Greetings From The St. Germain

Town Lakes Committee

June, 2017 

Summer has finally returned to the lakes county of northern Wisconsin.  Loon chicks are beginning to appear, the ospreys have returned and perhaps most exciting of all, clouds of dragon flies are consuming hoards of mosquitoes! 

Included in this message:
  1. Your representatives on the Town Lakes Committee are continuing their long standing efforts to prevent the spread of invasive aquatic plants and critters through ongoing public awareness campaigns.  There is a role for you to play in those efforts.

  2. Boat traffic continues to increase in terms of numbers, size and variety of boats.  That all corresponds to the importance of boater safety and courtesy on the water.

  3. Plans are underway for lake organization annual meetings.  Do you understand the importance of those events? 

Please read on to learn more about these topics! 
The  Lost Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District obtained a permit from the WDNR to apply an aquatic pesticide to approximately 30 acres of Lost Lake this spring.  The chemical treatment was performed near the dam on the SW side of lake in late May.  Repeat spring treatments are likely for several more years to effectively control a well established population of high density curly - leaf pondweed.   The financial burden to Lost Lake property owners will be significant. 

All introductions of invasive plants and animals to lakes are related to human activity.  All introductions are therefore preventable.  Ongoing boater education is the most effective prevention tool available to us. All St. Germain lakes with busy public boat landings have been targeted for educational interactions with transient boaters for many years.  There is no end in sight to the "Clean Boats, Clean Waters" campaign to slow the unintentional or careless spread of invasive species.  

Volunteers are needed at nearly all landings to reduce the cost to lake organizations of hiring people to remind boaters of proper boating hygiene.  Please consider donating just a few hours this summer at a public boat landing.  Contact any of your Lakes Committee representatives for further information.   
Boating safety and courtesy is the responsibility of everyone who uses WI lakes, but that isn't always apparent based on the conduct of some boaters.  Please be familiar with:
Management of your lake is a responsibility taken seriously by your lake organization.  Whether a volunteer membership Lake Association or a geographically defined Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District with taxing authority, the officers of your lake organization utilize a variety of resources to keep your lake as healthy and appealing as possible, thereby also preserving your waterfront property value.  Most of their management decisions are made at annual meetings where all lake residents/property owners have an opportunity to participate.

 Some of the topics typically on the agendas of the annual meeting include: 
  • Operating budgets and funding sources
  • Management plans for the coming year
  • Tax levies (Lake Districts only)
  • Elections of one of more officers to the Boards of Directors/Commissioners
  • Aquatic Invasive Species updates 

Dates of upcoming annual meetings for St. Germain lake organizations:

     Found Lake Property Owners Association - July 8, 11:00am

     Alma/Moon Lake District - September 2, 1:00pm  

     Little St. Germain Lake District - September 3, 9:00am

     Big St. Germain Lake District - September 3, 10:00am

     Lost Lake District - September 3, 11:00am  

Please consider attending your annual meeting.   Your presence will help determine the future management of your lake.

     Best Wishes For A Wonderful Boating Season
From Your Town Lakes Committee