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  A Focal Point 2016 Interview with Greg Archambault

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Greg Archambault is president of Fox River Fiber/Breakey Fibre. Fox River Fiber has developed a recycled  post-consumer pulp of a quality such that many mills use it to make 100 percent post-consumer products ranging from fine paper to tissue and toweling. He'll be discussing the recycling of polycoated cartons and cups at Focal Point 2016. Ahead of Greg's presentation, we asked him about the use of post-consumer fiber in food contact applications. You can read a quick overview of Greg's and other planned Focal Point presentations on the conference website.   

WIST:  There seems to be a common misconception that poly-coated paper and board is not recyclable. What would you say to those who have this impression and what can the industry do to disseminate better the capabilities you have at Fox River Fiber?  
Greg Archambault
Greg Archambault:  Fox has been doing this for several years and developed the ability as we have worked with the board manufacturers and end users. We have taken numerous non-believers and shown them that cartons and cups go in and fiber and Poly come out. When they leave they believe. The challenge is not the ability to recover the fiber but what to do with the residual plastic residue. There also is the concern that this is a relatively small stream of material but it is growing and we need to be supported by the recycling industry for increased collection. Get the word out. 

WIST: Along similar lines, you are pioneers in the development of FDA-compliant pulp for direct food contact applications. There, the perception is that such materials are unavailable in the market. Could you describe some of the applications in which your compliant fibers are used?
Greg Archambault: They are used in board for coffee cups and papers in direct contact with foods mainly pastry. Some more-specialized applications that we are not allowed to comment on. We have a patented process and a letter of no objection from the FDA. It allows Fox River's fiber to be used in all applications of use up to 100 percent substitution. We are not aware on any other recycled post consumer fiber able to meet this level. 

WIST: Congratulations on your recent Business Friend of the Environment award from Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce for your innovative approaches to environmental protection. What innovation should we look for next from Fox River Fiber? 
Greg Archambault:  We just completed a screening project that has significantly decreased stickies to a level that we will be introducing a new test method to the industry to be able to quantify the very small amount of stickies. We have always been a leader in recycled pulp cleanliness but we have just taken it to a new level. We will also look at steps to further reduce our water use by 30 percent in the next two years. 


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