(from left) Head Table:  Marina Jessamy , Permanent Secretary, Ministry  Agriculture; Hon. Oliver Joseph, Minister of Labour, Economic Development, Trade & Planning ; Hon. Yolande Bain-Horsford, Minister of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment and 
Danny Quinn, Economic Adviser, DFID Caribbean
Grenada  Strengthening  
Key Agriculture Sectors
Meaningful cohesive efforts are being undertaken to strengthen Grenada's agricultural export competitiveness in the key sectors of nutmeg, cocoa and other spices. F armers, producers, government as well as the cocoa, nutmeg and spice associations recently met in Grenada to build consensus around strategies to transform the agricultural landscape to the benefit of all in Grenada.  The consultation discussed association governance, investment, food standards and market intelligence.  View Below

Haiti Projects Benefit People Positively...

Compete Caribbean  supports six projects in Haiti addressing critical  areas which affect the country and its people: Potable water; pay-as-you-go  solar electricity; disaster resilient buildings; low cost, higher energy-efficient  stoves and the development of castor oil and its derivatives.

Three of these firms -  RE-VOLT Veerhouse Voda and  DloHaiti - have  successfully concluded their projects, producing meaningful results which  will redound significantly to the benefit of Haiti. The remaining three initiatives:  D&E Green Enterprises Banane D'Haiti and  Kreyol Essence are working  diligently to complete their milestones which, once completed, will also  positively resonate deeply.  Read More

Pure Grenada Brand Resonates Globally

In February 2014,  with the assistance of Compete Caribbean , the Pure Grenada brand was launched to re-position the country as a major tourist destination. To say that this move has been an overwhelming success would be a gross understatement.

Minister of Tourism, Alexandra Otway-Noel spoke with great passion as she explained that the time had come for Grenada to re-emerge into the market with a fresh perspective. She further explained that the re-branding exercise was a joint approach between Government and the private sector which has placed Grenada at the forefront of global tourism.  View Below

Alexandra Otway-Noel, Minister of Tourism
Alexandra Otway-Noel, Minister of Tourism
Innovative Protein From Waste 
Project Impacting Grenada 

Protein From Waste and Local Crops (PFW) is a model project that addresses three aspects of importance for the Grenada economy:
  • Reduction of imports (specifically food and fuel)
  • Creation of employment in sustainable livestock agriculture
  • Recycling of noxious waste products previously not utilized or neutralized
The PFW innovation is novel and unique given that it is the first small scale plant that utilizes used motor oils to convert fish offal, discarded crops and other noxious wastes into a reduced price poultry feed. PFW aims at helping economically challenged rural poultry farmers increase their profitability while at the same time helping to reduce pollution through resource recovery. View Below.

Omar Henry, Plant Manager, Protein From Waste - Grenada
Omar Henry, Plant Manager, Protein From Waste - Grenada

The Impact Evaluation of Cluster 
Methods and Practices 

Do cluster development programs work? Do they fundamentally encourage the essential inter-firm linkages and coordination? Do they lead to enterprise development, larger employment, and export growth, and if so, after how long? Do other firms benefit from these programs?  Read More
What's Happening...

The 6th Americas Competitiveness Exchange on Innovation and 
Entrepreneurship (ACE)High-level visit of Ministers, Economic and Business Leaders, and Experts to Competitiveness Centers in Southern Ontario, Canada

The ACE invites key leaders and decision makers from the public, private and academic sectors to apply for this program and have the opportunity to experience first-hand successful projects and innovative solutions in Southern Ontario, Canada.  Read More


Firm Innovation and Productivity in Latin America and the Caribbean:  The Engine of Economic Development

The full version of this book compiles several empirical works that, through different lenses, aim to reveal which variables may have a systematic effect on the productivity evolution observed at a firm and sectorial level in LAC countries. The book emphasizes knowledge generation, diffusion, and implementation mainly through innovation, while exploring the roles of human capital, financial resources, and linkages that also shape firm inspiration. Read More


The Impact of Early-Stage Equity Funds In Latin America
Financing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) via venture capital has been found to be three to four times more effective at generating innovation than other alternatives, such as corporate research or development funding. However, young companies often have difficulty accessing funding; they face an estimated financing gap of over $2.1 trillion worldwide. Since its first investment in 1996, the MIF has become a prominent, pioneering, and risk-taking investor in Latin America and the Caribbean through venture capital (VC) funds that invest in startups and scale-ups.  Read More and  More