Property Owners' Association of Deep Creek Lake
Grinder Pump Update
August 21, 2017

Following is some update information regarding the proposed Grinder Pump Policy Change.

Kevin Null, Garrett County Administrator has stated that "The proposed changes to the grinder pump policies have been withdrawn and will not be implemented as proposed.  However, we will continue to seek alternatives   to address the grinder pump maintenance issues and encourage citizen comments and questions.  The County will continue to meet with stakeholder  groups to develop a policy."

Also, an email from Patrick Hudnall, Administration & Environmental Chief, Garrett County Dept. of Public Works, Utilities Division,  states that "...the Commissioners, in the August 7th Public Meeting, announced they were shelving the proposed Grinder Pump Policy Change for the immediate future. I have yet to have a chance to speak with them and/or Kevin [Kevin Null, Garrett County Administrator] to get direction on how the Department is to proceed.  Accordingly, I am holding on further discussion or response to the comments received until I have that discussion..." Mr. Hudnall goes on to say that "...response [s] to ... comments/questions...will be addressed when the County decides the correct direction for this matter..."

Bob Hoffmann
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