Ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Costa Rica with Praying Pelican Missions, networking with local churches,  serving in our community,  and connecting mission teams to  life- changing ministry opportunities.
Groceries that lead to 2 Salvations
Imagine're a Costa Rican sitting in your humble home with your family in a small town.  Next thing you know, a group of Gringos are knocking at your door along with two translators, a local pastor that you recognize, and a few people from the local church.  Why are they here?  What are they doing?

After a couple of introductions you realize that these people haven't come to tell you how to live your life or demand that you attend their church.  Instead, they came with a large bag of groceries and toiletry items:  rice, beans, oil, flour, sugar, bananas, salsa, dish cloths, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc..
You had a need for these things so you are very thankful and polite. Actually, you didn't have many of these items because keeping a seasonal job is virtually impossible.  Thinking of the smiling faces of the kids playing outside that you are responsible to feed begins to overwhelm your emotions. 

You hold it together until someone from the team asks, "Is there anything going on in your life that we can pray with you about?"  This question unleashes the floodgates of your eyes.  You don't know what to ask for, so you ask for a general prayer.  The team begins to lift their voices passionately to God and you feel something.  Something you haven't felt before, but you do not know what to do about it.

The team ends their prayer and say "adios."  They leave happily and start off to their next scheduled home.  You're left stunned.  Something happened in your heart.  You want what they have.  So you do the only thing you know to do, you run after them and beg them to come back so that you too can begin having a relationship with the living God through Jesus Christ.

This is exactly what happened a month ago as I led a missions team from my parent's church!   Two young women came after us to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior after receiving a simple bag of groceries!  Reaching out to the lost can be so easy!  To see more of what happened that week you can view their  trip journal here .

The following two weeks we had two more teams come and serve in Costa Rica.  Each week brings new stories of God's grace and amazing testimonies of God intervening to show love to those who are in need.  Anna led two of these life changing trips, check out their Trip Journals here:  Filadelfia and San Fernando.

Starting THIS SATURDAY, you can follow another trip that I'll be leading in Liberia, Costa Rica!  I appreciate your prayers as we seek to share the Gospel with the help of two families that are coming to serve here in Costa Rica.
Quick Visit with Darrell
A few weeks ago we were able to go visit Darrell in San Jose and take him out to eat to celebrate his four years of living with us.  It was soooo good to see him again.  We were so thankful to hear more about his adventures and how God is truly captivating his heart. Make sure you follow his blog and subscribe to receive it in your email! Darrell will be taking off on his Outreach phase soon!

The Team is Assembled!
One of the most important jobs I have been working on is to make sure that we are staffed and trained to lead trips for the summer months.  This was an immediate need as soon as we arrived and we are ready to take on our busy summer!  We have had interviews, pastor references, a retreat, and training times to make sure we are ready to help facilitate amazing ministry.  I couldn't be happier with the team that God has assembled.  Would you commit to pray for each one as they step out and make a difference this summer ministering to the team participants and the people of Costa Rica?

Personal Prayer Requests
We thank you so much for your faithful financial and prayer support!  We need both!
Here are some prayer points to keep on your prayer list:

1.  Refreshing-Encouragement.  April 17th we will be in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the annual PPM meetings.  

2.  Parenting.  It's not easy.  We need wisdom!

3.  Spring and Summer Season.  It's a busy season of ministry as what we have been working on all year comes to a head.  Pray for energy, wisdom, discernment, salvations and miracles as we minister alongside of the local church.

4.  Puppy.  We "adopted" one.  Pray for us!
Keepin' Up with the Blog
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We live in Costa Rica, so there's no question about it, we get to visit some very beautiful beaches.  (No, I'm not rubbing it in, it's just a fact). As Praying "Pelican" Missionaries, our kids are always pointing out each pelican sighting at the beach.  We even call the staff and  participants "pelicans." Recently at one [...] ...»

Zero Cadbury Eggs (crazy...I know).  Zero Peeps.  Zero Easter Bunnies (remember our bunnies were all massacred by some mysterious animal).  No Via Dolorosa (thehuge presentation that I helped put on at our church in Delaware).  As a matter of fact, Easter in Costa Rica is not a holiday like it is in the USA. [...] ...»
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