Grocery Express
Coming to Lincoln Park!

Lincoln Park has faced many struggles in accessing food.  In fact, Lincoln Park residents face an average life span 11 years shorter than their neighbors in Congdon Park.

Grocery Express is one of many community initiatives attempting to right this wrong.

Grocery Express Community Event
August 27th from 4:30-5:30pm
Located at Harrison Community Center 
(3002 W 3rd Street in Lincoln Park)
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What is Grocery Express?

A Specialized Route!

Convenient:  Get dropped off and picked up RIGHT in front of Super One!

Time Saving: A route that is direct while operating on a continual cycle from Lincoln Park to Grocery Outlets to Morgan Park.

Cost Savings: Same price as other DTA Bus Routes

Tell Your Friends:  Grocery Express is a 4 month pilot project.  The more people that ride it the longer we can keep it.  Please help by spreading the word! 

Weekly: During the Pilot Project period it will run once a week but we hope to add additional days over time.

Space for Your Groceries !

Storage Bins:  There will be bins on the bus where bags can be placed. 

Bonus:  You will be able to bring additional groceries onto the bus!  

Keep in Mind:  You will need to manage your bags getting on and off the bus but you won't have to pile them on your lap anymore.

When will Grocery Express begin?

Starts: September 1st

Route Details:  Will be presented at the Grocery Express Community event and through various outlets in the near future.


Here's a few folks that have
played a role in making the
Grocery Express a reality!


Don't forget about the Lincoln Park Farmers Market!
The Lincoln Park Farmers Market is a small, community-focused farmers market providing fresh, local food right in the heart of the Lincoln Park neighborhood.  

We run from the end of June to the end of October, every Thursday night from 4-7 at the Harrison Community Center.  

We accept SNAP/EBT and also offer a SNAP/EBT match - for every $1 you spend on your EBT card, we will match you $1, up to $5/day.  That means that you can get $10 worth of items at our market for just $5!  Join us and stretch your food dollars even further.