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Have someone that is hard to buy for this holiday season? Try gifting a service!

Grocery delivery, transportation to a doctor's appointment, or shoveling snow for the winter can make a difference for that special someone in your life. Click below or call us at 218-623-7800 for more information.
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Mary Bovee, Executive Director

Kim Hileman, Program Director

Karina Krosbakken, Care Consultant

Shelbi Benson, Volunteer & Fundraising Coordinator

Peter Hafften, Training Coordinator

Lisa Jordan, Grocery Coordinator

Kevin Pillsbury, President

Joe Sandbulte, Secretary

Ric Schaefer, Board Member

Mary Alice Carlson, Board Member

Jennifer Smith, Board Member
Senior grocery delivery expands to Superior
By  Maria Lockwood  on Nov 16, 2018, Superior Telegraph
Edited by Age Well Arrowhead

Eloise Pass thanks Kim Hileman with Age Well Arrowhead for delivering her groceries Wednesday at The Shores assisted living facility in Ecumen Lakeshore on Wednesday, November 14th .

A grocery shopping and delivery service for older adults and those who can't get out to shop for themselves is expanding to Superior & Cloquet.

Age Well Arrowhead has been offering Groceries-to-Go since December 2016.

"We started the program through a grant from the Department of Human Services because we recognized that grocery shopping and transportation were two of the most-needed services to help older adults remain independent," Executive Director Mary Bovee said.

The nonprofit partnered with Super One Foods to shop out of the West Duluth store. and expanded to Super One Foods stores in Superior, Cloquet and Kenwood beginning on Oct. 1.

Bovee said. "It's very needed. It's very affordable. It's very easy to access and use."

Age Well Arrowhead bills clients $15 for each shop and Super One bills them for the groceries. There's no commitment of any kind, Bovee said. Clients can register and use the service only when they need it. No computer access is necessary.

Volunteers like Carol Cheslak call clients weekly to see if they want to place an order.
"It's my Tuesday morning. I come take grocery orders," Cheslak said. "I look forward to it. You try to help them out. They're very appreciative."

The shopping takes place Wednesday or Thursday. Volunteers spend about an hour shopping and delivering groceries to their neighbors.

"We've done everything on our end to make this order easy to shop," Bovee said, including spreading the shopping out to more stores.

Dave and Jane Wedin shop on a weekly basis at the Kenwood and West Duluth stores in the Groceries to Go Program. (Picture from Pine Journal)

Armed with lists, Dave and Jane Wedin added items to a pair of grocery carts at the Kenwood store Wednesday: grapes, a frozen turkey, milk, bananas.

"I always equate this to a scavenger hunt, because the others shop for different things than what I shop for," Jane Wedin said, heading to the produce section. "So there's still a certain amount of getting my bearings."

Although she's been grocery shopping for years, it's a learning experience.
"There's so many things I have never shopped for," Wedin said. "I come here and think 'Wow, it's a whole new world.'"

The retired couple have been volunteer shoppers since the program began.
"It gives us something to do together," Dave Wedin said. "And just helping people who can't get out. Then you go and you see what some of these people have in their homes. Most of them don't have much and they're not able to get out. Plus we check on them. Make sure they're good."

Of the new locations, only the Kenwood & Superior stores have welcomed volunteer shoppers. "We'd love to be shopping in Cloquet. We're just waiting for clients," Bovee said, and volunteers to serve them.

Since it began, Groceries-to-Go has delivered 1,440 grocery orders.
"That's a lot of food getting to people that might not otherwise have ready access," said Kim Hileman, program director. "The need is real."

So is the thanks. Hileman dropped off two bags of groceries to Eloise Pass at The Shores assisted living center Wednesday. When Hileman told her that she was able to find the peanut butter and chocolate dipped pretzels Pass ordered, the older woman clapped her hands.

"Yay," she said. "Oh, people love that." Pass said she appreciates the Groceries-to-Go service.

"People who live in assisted living can no longer drive to get their supplies, and so if somebody will bring those things right to their door, it is a big help," she said. "I don't do much cooking, but you know you need a lot of paper products and things, even though you don't cook."

And snacks and coffee are a must-have for visitors, she said. "Did you want to try one?" Pass asked, holding up the bag of pretzels.

Jane Wedin checks off items on her list as she places them in her cart. (Picture from Pine Journal)

As Jane Wedin shopped Wednesday, an older couple and Jodi Libey, a clinical dietician with Essentia Health, approached to ask about the program.

"That is so needed," Libey said as she took down the Age Well Arrowhead number. "Anything we can do to keep people in their homes and happy."
It's a service children can set up for their parents, or it can be gifted to an elderly neighbor.

"Sure it's something that families can do, but the thing I always remind people is save the family for the important stuff that only family can do," Wedin said. "Anybody can go grocery shopping."

The mission of Age Well Arrowhead is to connect older adults and caregivers to services that support healthy aging and independence. Groceries-to-Go fits that description, Bovee said, and offers a fulfilling volunteer opportunity.
"If they could shop for two or three people, it would make the biggest impact in the whole world," she said. "And it would take them an hour. And the reward you get when you deliver these groceries, amazing. It's the best."

Call 218-623-7800 or visit for more information.
Thank you to all our generous donors in November. We appreciate your support of Age Well Arrowhead and those we serve.
Kevin Pillsbury
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Current needs at Age Well Arrowhead:

URGENT NEED- Winter is here!

Weekly Driver
1 night/week
4:30 - 6:30 pm

Groceries to Go Order Takers
Tuesday mornings as available

Groceries to Go Shoppers
Kenwood- Wednesday Morning
Cloquet- Wednesday Afternoon
West Duluth- Thursday Morning
Superior- Thursday Afternoon

Help in the Home
West Duluth

Snow Shoveling
West Duluth

Join us in welcoming our new volunteers!

Cathy A.
Nick K.
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Age Well would like to thank the following volunteers for their years of dedication.
Happy Anniversary!

Peter B.
Shelley R.
Carol C.
Tyler F.
Michelle F.
Bill G.
Beth H.
Liz M.
Corrie P.
Katie P.
Jeff S.
David W.
Jane W.
Age Well Arrowhead would like to recognize the following volunteers as they reach high milestones for the number of hours they have volunteered since 2017.
Thank you for your contribution!

50 or more hours
Shelley C.
Tia J.
Carol J.
Chris B.
Holly D.
Luann J.
Julie R.
Sarah S.
Morgan T.

100 or more hours
Suzy H.
Jay H.
Mary H.
Nancy H.
Keshav S.
Morgan S.
Katie T.

150 or more hours
Carol C.
Arlene E.
Taylor K.
Sharon L.
Liz M.

200 or more hours
Darla H.
Dave W.
Jane W.
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The Gift of Carols
Every Monday morning, Carol J. wakes up early, pours herself a cup of coffee, and heads to Carol G.’s home promptly by 8:45 AM to drive her to her exercise class. During the class, Carol J. goes to the grocery store to fill her fridge for her weekly meals and back to pick up Carol G. by 10:00 AM to drive her home.

Later that same week, Carol J. picks up Carol F. to go to a doctor’s appointment and fill her prescriptions as they do on a regular basis.

All three Carol’s are a part of the Senior Wheels Program here at Age Well Arrowhead.  Carol J. has been a volunteer with Age Well since May 2018 and started as an instructor of the evidenced based class “Matter of Balance”. She expanded her volunteering to the Senior Wheels program in July 2018. Since May, Carol J. has donated almost 100 hours of service teaching classes as well as driving clients to and from medical appointments.
“Age Well has been fun for me,” Carol J. says. “I look forward to driving the clients. It is a great way to start my week especially on a Monday.”

And the clients cannot get enough of her! Carol F. requests to ride with Carol J. on a regular basis and says, “She is a wonderful lady. She is dependable and dedicated. She is very helpful.  We really enjoy each other’s company.”

Carol G. was excited to talk about how much she enjoyed Carol J. She says, “She is great and a very nice driver. She is very pleasant. I enjoy her company.”

Carol F. and Carol G.’s comments are ones that Age Well is very familiar with. It is much more than just driving someone to the doctor or errands. It has become a social interaction between two people. They become friends and have something to look forward to. It is not uncommon to see volunteers signing up to drive the same clients over and over because it is fun to visit and pick up where they left off last time. 

Carol J. could not say enough about Carol F. and Carol G. as well. “Both of them are really thankful. They are always thanking me for driving them places.”  She agrees with other volunteers- It never gets old.

The Senior Wheels program provides a much needed service in the area. This service gets clients to appointments that would otherwise by home bound or have difficulty using public transportation or cab services. Carol F. is like many aging adults in the Twin Ports. “I don’t like to drive anymore. I can’t drive anymore. Carol gets me to the Dr and errands,” she explained.

Carol J. encourages anyone who has the ability to join in. “It is very easy to volunteer. Clients are so cooperative and social. They talk about their family, hobbies, and often take a walk down memory lane. It is fun to get to know them,” Carol J. says. 

Thank you Carol J. for your hard work and commitment. You are a gift to Age Well Arrowhead!
If you would like to join in on making a difference, contact Shelbi Benson, Volunteer Coordinator at 218-623-7804 or email
Memory Cafe gets into the
Holiday Spirit

Everyone was full of smiles and holiday cheer during this month's Memory Cafe hosted by Age Well Arrowhead.

Twelve participants enjoyed cookies, holiday music, "Secret Santa" dice game, and a visit from Santa himself!

Above: Bob and Po Lin sit on Santa's lap.

Right: Mary and Dick also enjoyed Santa's company.

Left: Donn was ready for holiday celebration after receiving part of his gift from Secret Santa games.

Happy Holidays!

For the cookies:
  • 1.5 tsp baking soda
  • 2 Tbsp milk
  • 1 c unsalted butter (2 sticks), slightly softened
  • 2 c sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 1/2 tsp cream of tartar
  • 4 1/2 c flour (plus 1/2 c more for rolling out the dough)
  • 1 tsp table salt
For the icing:
  • 1 c unsalted butter (2 sticks), softened
  • 5 c powdered sugar, sifted
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/4 c milk, warmed in the microwave

Prepare the Cookies:
Place the baking soda and milk in a small bowl, and stir to dissolve the baking soda.

In a large bowl, mix the butter and sugar. Add the eggs and mix again, stopping to scrape down the sides of the bowl periodically.

Add the baking soda and milk mixture, and vanilla, Mix.

Add the cream of tartar, flour, and salt. Mix well.

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap. Refrigerate overnight.

Make the Cut-Outs and Bake the Cookies:
When you are ready to make the cookies, liberally dust work surface and rolling pin with flour.
Heat the oven to 400 and prepare a few rimmed cookie sheets with parchment paper.

Take a handful of cookie dough and roll it out, adding flour as needed

Roll the dough to be less than .25" thick and cut out your shapes. Place them on the cookie sheet at least an inch apart.

Bake for 6-10 minutes.

Make the Frosting and Frost the Cookies:
In a large bowl, beat the butter until it is smooth. Slowly add the powdered sugar and vanilla.

Add warm milk, one Tablespoon at a time, until the icing is smooth.

Separate the icing into several small bowls and add different food coloring to decorate.
Are you Dementia Friendly?
The City of Duluth is! 

Age Well Arrowhead's Education Coordinator, Peter Haften, schedules regular dementia trainings to spread the word to local businesses about dementia and how to better serve their clients. This training often is presented at the place of business and is customized to meet the needs of the employer.

The City of Duluth has been just one of the recipients of the dementia training.

Recently the City of Duluth’s Parks and Recreation Department hosted the Dementia Friendly at Work training for their employees. The training took place in the City Hall building and included employees involved with safety, park layout and the planning of public areas throughout Duluth. Learning to become Dementia Friendly has been a top priority for the City of Duluth and this marks their fifth employee training. 

The Parks and Recreation training focused on how to design a more friendly park area for an aging population and those affected by dementia. Employees learned how shadowed areas can create problems for people with dementia due to the changes in their vision and how steps or curbs should always be clearly marked with visible yellow paint. The training also covered the importance of clear signage in public areas to assist people who may become confused or disoriented. Employees were also trained in communications strategies, ways to recognize early warning signs of Alzheimer’s Disease, and how dementia impacts working caregivers.
The City of Duluth continues to support older adults and those struggling with dementia by providing the Dementia Friendly at Work trainings. It is our hope that steps can be taken to ensure the safety, respect, and freedom of older adults in all of our public areas throughout Duluth. 

If you are interested in holding a training, contact Peter Haften at or 218-623-7801
For more information or to register, contact Peter Haften at 218-623-7801
New Marketing Opportunities Available
Hit your target market with Age Well Arrowhead by advertising with our Groceries to Go Program.

For only $25/week, you can hit your exact market directly by simply providing us with postcards, brochures, or flyers of your choosing to be placed in the grocery bags.

Target market includes:
  • Ages range from 50-90 years old
  • Male & Female
  • Living independently
  • 20 mile radius from Downtown Duluth with all 4 locations- Kenwood, West Duluth, Superior, & Cloquet

Call 218-623-7800 for more information.
Age Well Arrowhead connects older adults and caregivers to services that support healthy aging and independence.

We are passionate about serving the older adults and caregivers of our community. For this reason, Age Well Arrowhead was founded in 2014 as a local non-profit. We are funded by a Live Well at Home grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Title III funding administered by the Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging, a grant from the Minnesota Board on Aging, contributions, and service fees. These grants allow us to provide services that are easily accessible and affordable.