Construction begins as Safe Spaces Campaign continues to garner funds for our work.

Official Ground Breaking for Shelter!
Winter Shelter Plan
Groundbreaking Oct. 10
A crowd of over 50 supporters gathered to celebrate the official ground breaking for the Winter Shelter  at the Concord Homeless Resource Center !!
Official Ground Breaking with golden shovels! 
Michael Leuchtenberger, CCEH Board Chair; Ellen Groh, CCEH Executive Director; Tom Fredenburg, Building Visionary; Mayor Jim Bouley (L-R)

19 Businesses Move our Campaign Forward!

19 Businesses have donated to the Safe Spaces Campaign, specifically for building an emergency Winter Shelter, with the purchase of NH CDFA Tax Credits ( Learn more about CDFA Tax Credits)  A HUGE Thank You to these businesses, to NH CDFA, to the NH Housing Finance Authority for making a Winter Shelter possible.
See all Tax Credit  DONORS Here!

In the NEWS

Downtown: Winter homeless shelter looks toward the future

Local Businesses work to end homelessness
Housing First client renewing one year lease! 
 Yes, one of our Housing First clients has been safely and stably housed for ONE YEAR! And starting on a second...!
In celebration of his stability he desired to get a cat, but they cost extra on the lease, so he has adopted a FISH!

This is what it's about - getting those who are long term homeless into permanent housing.  Hurray!

Memorial Donations make a difference
Two very special individuals in this community passed away over the summer, and both families asked that those mourning their loss donate to the Concord Coalition to End Homelessness. We are deeply moved that someone would choose to honor a loved one by supporting our work. This is support on a very deep personal level.

Gordon Sherman was a long time volunteer at the Concord Homeless Resource Center who always enjoyed spending time with the clients and cared deeply for all of God's children.
Ellen Sheridan was someone who often supported new, young non-profits that she felt were making a difference in the lives of everyday people. She has always attended our Annual Meetings and been full of questions about what we're doing.

This is a special way to honor a loved one who cared deeply about the issue of homelessness.
to our campaign today!
Under Construction!
During this time the only access to the Resource Center and the CCEH Offices is through the Front Door via the ramp.