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helmet-goggles November 30, 2018

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The last two weeks at Tailwheel Town

Because of the weather and some issues with the trim on the PA12, there hasn't been much flying at Tailwheel Town, BUT the latest book is going to be published soon!  Titled "Swoop", this collection of short stories will be a welcome addition to anyone's book shelf.  In keeping with my new philosophy, it will feature a lot of stories that may appeal to folks who don't fly!  Look for a greater description of it coming up.  It will be published by Amazon as well as available on the Tailwheelers Mercantile.
And just to make up for so little news in the Newsletter, here is an article which has never been posted on the website and which is available only to those who are on the Subscribers' list:
Visit with an old Friend
(Written on 9-26-14)

As those close to me may know, I tend to ascribe somewhat human properties to airplanes.  Somehow, I just feel that they are greater than the sum of their parts.  I remember many years ago, standing in a dimly lit hangar in Medford Oregon with the 1946 Taylorcraft BC12D I had just purchased.  It was my first airplane.  I laid a gentle hand on its cowl and quietly told it that I would never sell it.  That was how I felt at the time.  Subsequently, as a green pilot, I would do my first acro in this plane.  I nearly ground looped it one day when my heel slipped off a brake during a crosswind landing.  I got lost in it.  I practiced maneuvers that are now a regular part of my teaching bag o' tricks.  When I made the decision to become an airshow comedy pilot, I realized that I needed a different plane.  So I broke my word to the little T-Craft and sold it.  But I sold it to a pair of great guys who really appreciated it.  I never saw it again.  Until last Saturday!

Accompanying some friends down to Northern California to look at a J-3 "Cub in a barn", we landed at an airport which was filled with fire-fighting aircraft.  As we tied down and prepared to head over to the ranch where the Cub was hangared, my eyes caught a sight which I have to admit caused my pulse to quicken a bit. I had caught sight of an old friend. Some new paint and tires had changed its appearance a bit, so I had to step over the rope which served as a hangar door in order to enter the dilapidated hangar and peer at the "N" number on the tail.  It was my old T-

My old T Craft in it's present home.

Craft.   It was a sweet reunion and brought back a flood of fond memories.  The rest of the day was filled with fun, new friends and good flying.  I had a ball visiting with one of the great Reno Air Race fans from "Section Three". But now, back at my hangar at Tailwheel Town, the single part of that nice day which means the most to me was the short visit with my old friend, Mister T-Craft.
Happy Swooping
A new article on the Tailwheeler's Journal
This week's new article is "Ground Loops (Gulp!)"  It's a look at this catastrophe that all of us tailwheel pilots try to avoid, yet doesn't get enough attention, in my opinion.
An older article worth another look...
It might be a good idea to review those people who mean so much to us.  This article was written a while back and deals with some of them.  It's "The People in our Lives".  


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