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September - time of transition
Another flower photo?? Last hurrah of our flower gardens with a cloud of sweet autumn clematis trailing our arbor gate to usher in the transition to fall. This is a time of the harvest - late summer veggies, winter squash, and pumpkins coming. It calls for us to connect to the earth's bounty and to reap the abundance it provides. It is also a time to cultivate stability. Setting our roots now helps us ride the winds of change ushered in with autumn, so we don't lose our bearing or blow off our steady moorings. Yoga is a prime way to ensure that our feet are firmly planted and that we have the energy and perseverance to remain strong.

Join us for yoga this September! We are still in the park, online with videos, and at the studio. Try the Circle of Friends option at the studio to feel safe with your personal yoga buddies, family, and friends. You are always welcome!

May you be steady, strong and cultivate resilience this autumn,
Saturday Morning Yoga starts back today!
September Yoga
September 8 - October 3
(4 weeks, except Monday classes - no classes Labor Day)
ALL Classes are 60 minutes

Registration is NOW OPEN for Week 2
Week 2 Schedule - September 14-19
9:30-10:30AM - Moderate - Audra (studio)
11:30AM-12:30PM - Chair Yoga - Carla (studio)
5:00-6:00PM - Moderate Plus! - Carla (studio)
Anytime - Chair Yoga - Audra (video)

8:00-9:00AM - Gentle/Moderate - Audra (park)
9:30-10:30AM - Moderate - Carla (studio)
11:30-12:30PM - Chair Yoga - Carla (studio)
Anytime - Moderate - Carla (video)

9:30-10:30AM - Gentle - Audra (studio)
5:45-6:45PM - Moderate - Carla (studio)
Anytime - Gentle - Audra (video)

8:00-9:00AM - Gentle/Moderate - Carla (park)
Anytime - Strength & Balance - Mary (video)

Saturday - Begins September 12
8:30-9:30AM - Morning Yoga - MSY staff (studio)

Fees and Registration
Visit our website for all the details you need to register each week for videos and park classes, or up to a month for in-studio classes.
More Transitions - MSY Video Library
Who thought when we made our first yoga videos in March that we would still be at it in September?! Over those 6 months, we have filmed 125 yoga classes to support your home practice!! Whew! It has been an amazing time of creativity and growth for us, and we are still going strong creating weekly videos for you.

After much thought and consideration, we are restructuring our video library storage to make it more manageable for us and enticing for you to try new videos. Starting with this September Session, weekly yoga class videos will now be available on our YouTube channel until the end of the following month. That means that September videos will be available for purchase and viewing until the end of October, and continue that pattern monthly. Additionally, we will begin retiring earlier videos at the end of September, starting with the Spring and May Sessions.

So, watch your favorite videos a few more times before they are gone, and get ready for new ones coming your way!
Cropped image of business woman practicing yoga in the office
Video Special Topics Series - Coming soon!
School has begun! Parents are still working at home while helping their kids with online classes. How to keep everyone calm, engaged and productive?

Yoga to the Rescue!
Try a yoga break to help restore your energy, reset your brain, and leave tension behind. Each theme includes a series of 4 videos - just 30 minutes each - perfect for a break in your busy day!

Home Office Yoga
Neck and eye strain from too many hours at the computer? Back and legs stiff from too much sitting? Mary will help you get out the kinks and realign your posture, so you can return to work refreshed.

SuperKids Yoga
Kids fidgety from too many hours at the computer and not enough movement? Audra has some really fun plans to get out the wiggles and reinvigorate their imagination.

Stress-freeing Yoga
Tight jaw? Sick belly? Troubled sleep? Join Carla to understand how chronic stress affects you, plus learn simple yoga techniques to quell your anxiety, release tension from your body, and have a peaceful night's sleep.

Watch for details of how to order these special themed videos.
Hands of the women forming circle at Yoga class
Circle of Friends Yoga Classes
Come practice with your own circle of friends and family at the studio!

Join one of our teachers by yourself or in groups of 2-4 people you know (your bubble) for personalized yoga practice at the studio! We all really need connection and peace in our lives right now, so come be comfortable in our very clean and beautiful Garden Studio to practice yoga, release stress, and create greater connection with people close to you. Choose a focus for your classes such as stress relief, strength and balance, specific poses, or simply enjoy an overall yoga practice.
Personalized classes are available on your schedule (coordinated with the studio) so it really works for you! Pricing is based on the number of people attending.

Have a special occasion coming up? Bring up to 6 people and celebrate with an unique yoga experience designed by you!
Contact Carla today for details and scheduling!
Breathe * BE Present * Radiate
Come experience why Mountain Spirit Yoga has been a Top Finalist for Best Yoga Studio in Frederick County for the past 5 years!

Classes, workshops, Private Yoga Therapy to serve the needs of all our students through Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi.