November 2016

Prevent Survive Thrive: Every Woman's Guide to Optimal Breast Care
Breast surgeon Dr. John West's new book on what women need to know about breast health. 
Read Dr. Lennart Hardell's analysis of the newly published studyRead More
Streaming Instead of Dreaming
JAMA: Mobile devices in bedroom = sleepy children during the day. Learn More
Airpods: Clear Sound, Sleek Styling, and Microwave Radiation
California Magazine's Katia Savchuk explains how "Apple confirmed that the AirPods constantly transmit signals while they are in your ears."   Read the Article
Cellphones And Cancer: Is The Risk Real? WTHR's Bob Segall
This 7 minute report features the stories of brain cancer victims Richard Farver and Paul Prischman. Dr. David McCormick, Senior Vice-President and Director of the Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute, is interviewed on the National Toxicology Program Cell Phone Radiation Study findings. Read the Story and Watch the Video
Newsweek: How a cell phone radiation warning sign sparked an Epic First Amendment Dispute
Apple and other cellphone retailers are posting the Berkeley city ordinance--the first in the nation--alerting consumers to the federal guidelines on cellphone radiation.  Read More
EHT advisor Dr. Ronald Melnick is featured in this public news piece featured in the New Mexico Tribune and Macomb News Now on the response to the NTP study.  Read More

"The findings of brain tumors present a major public health concern." 
Read Dr. Melnick's factual response clarifying the groundbreaking nature of the study to the BC Provincial Health Officer.  Read Now
"Convenience should not take precedence over public health."
In a letter to the FCC about 5G technology, Cindy Lee Russell, M.D., states "We must now stop further increases in exposures" to wireless.  Read the Letter
Dr. Dariusz Leszczynski: Slides from three lectures about the health effects of wireless radiation as presented in Melbourne:
"How probable are health effects of radiation from wireless transmitting devices?"   Slides of the SSMA presentation on Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016 (updated 21.11.2016)

"Explaining ambiguous science requires high ethics and low conflict of interest"  Slides of presentation at Swinburne University of Technology on Monday, Nov. 21, 2016

"Health effects of wireless radiation--possible or probable"  Slides of presentation at ARPANSA on Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016 (updated 21.11.2016)
Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D. Director Center for Family and Community Health, School of Public Health University of California, Berkeley
Slides from his lecture to MPH students enrolled in the School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley "Wireless Phone Radiation Risks and Public Health"