Volume 130 | February 2, 2019
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Keep Warm - practice your harp!
We have enjoyed reviewing the music of Lunsford and Mahan this week, and worked to make it all available digitally for your convenience. It is also and firstly available in paper version!

To access all the music of Reba Lunsford digitally, click HERE
To access oll the music of William Mahan digitally, click HERE
Brand New and perfect for a cold winter night!
The Harpers Coloring Book by William Mahan! 8 pictures, 6 new songs and 2 favorites. Immerse yourselves in the exquisite and detailed drawings in this book and become part of the music!

Click HERE for the paper version.
Bill Mahan's Featured Books:

The Frog and The Leprechaun
Silly title, lovely music. Lyrical songs and melodies that you will love. A CD of the music was recorded by renowned harpist Christina Tourin, and you are welcome to download a track free, from our blog site   It is "The Green Hills of Clare" Right click and "save audio as".
Check for other versions which include the sound files, played by Christina Tourin.
Monet's Garden
INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS  A really beautiful collection of original melodies. Sweet titles, sweet pieces.
Check for other versions which include the sound files, played by Mary Radspinner
Iowa Rivers Suite
INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. These melodies are absolutely beautiful.  
Reba Lunsford's Featured Books:
Searching for great learning pieces for young and old?  Dragons and Dinosaurs by Reba Lunsford is a great choice. Cute songs and some pertinent theory. Her explanation of placing is very good:
“Putting the fingers on the strings before playing the first note. Notes are grouped in a series of two, three, or four. It produces better sound and enables more secure, accurate, and faster playing.”
Download a free page from our blog site Glowing Orbs in Darkness free page
Music especially for 22 string lap harp, but easily playable on a larger instrument. This book covers some holidays, sacred hymns, folk songs, and a few originals all in one volume! Most songs are in the key of C with a few in G, most are simple or intermediate, a few might be considered advanced. EASY TO INTERMEDIATE, all harps. 
Just in as of February 1: Great harp and a really sweet set-up with ALL the accessories included!
This Mahogany 85CG was built in 2007 and his been well cared for. Played through Jr. High and High School, the owner is now off to college out of state. Not suitable for the small dorm room, it can't stay at home either as the parents are moving across the country to downsize.
So everything must be cleared out - thus, a really nice package available.
The harp has been well maintained with a full string change and complete regulation in 2016. Full, rich tone and even throughout the range with the finish in excellent condition. Pictured with the harp are a few of the included accessories - Set height carved bench, adjustable "X" bench, K-2 6 wheel dolly, carved wooden music stand and a pile of music (too numerous to list in this space but lots of standard repertoire and methods for the high school level).
Also included but not pictured is most of a full string set, Korg TM-50 tuner w/clip, ergonomic tuning key and not only the standard L&H thick cover but also a heavy duty transport and column cover. 
With used instruments, we prefer direct communication so we can answer any questions or advise on suitability for each person's unique situation. If you would like further information on this instrument, please call - 281.890.4500 - or email: melodytradmusic@gmail.com.   $18,500.
Update on rescues: Teyla and Ronin:

Ronin goes to his new home in Dixon, IL (good friend Carol) on Tuesday, Teyla goes to her new Dallas home sometime after the weekend. Below are some updated pictures. Teyla seems to like the compost pile - while she was waiting for her bed to be laundered, she found it to be a comfortable place to lounge.