Group Commissioner - Volunteer Job Description
Purpose: The purpose of a Group Commissioner is to provide essential volunteer support as a member of the Group Committee to all members within the Group.

Accountable To: Area Commissioner and/or Scouting Relationship Manager & Council Key 3

Term: Appointed annually by the Area Commissioner and/or CK3, in consultation with the membership within the Group to be served.

Time Required: Minimum of 10 to 15 hours per month and 1-2 weekends* per year (* on average).

Outcome: The Group Commissioner will:
  • Work to create a climate that encourages stability, program quality, group health and growth
  • Ensure Scouts Canada’s Volunteer Support Strategy is made available and promoted to all Scouters within the Group
  • Advocate for effective solutions from the Area to address the needs and unique challenges facing the Scouters within the Group
  • Promote and educate Scouters, youth and parents on the importance of Scouts Canada’s award process
  • Be committed to Scouts Canada’s program—the Canadian Path—including the Four Key Elements: Adventure, Plan-Do-Review, SPICES and Youth-led

Objectives: The Group Commissioner is committed to partnering with the essential Group Committee members to achieve Scouts Canada’s Strategic Goals based on the 5 Priorities—Membership Growth, Safety, Program Quality, Volunteer Support and Group Capacity. Together this creates a Group Key 3 dedicated to overseeing and ensuring youth have the opportunity to engage in fun, safe, youth-led Scouting adventures.

Activities: In order to be successful, the Group Commissioner will be deeply committed to our model of shared leadership—including partnering with sponsors, community members and youth—to make all key decisions for the program side of the Group. The Group Commissioner will:
  • Be an advocate for youth input and involvement at the Group level and ensure appropriate opportunities are made available
  • Mentor the Group Youth Commissioner
  • Ensure all Group volunteers receive the support necessary to perform their roles through routine Section and support visits
  • Develop positive working relationships with the youth, Scouters, parents, and community partners
  • Routinely meet with Section Scouters to provide in-person support
  • Provide feedback to Section Scouters and Group Committee members quarterly identifying opportunities for professional growth and development
  • Promote in the recruitment, appointment and ongoing training of new Scouters and Parent Helpers
  • Actively recruit Group Committee Scouters to assist Group Commissioner with supporting the needs of the Group
  • Ensure compliance with all Scouts Canada’s Bylaws, Policies and Procedures
  • Promote effective communications throughout the Group
  • Represent the Group as a member of the Area Service Team at meetings, conferences and calls, as scheduled
  • Represent the Group as a member of the Area Service Team and provide quarterly updates on the 5 Priorities for the Area Service Team via Group Health Checks and verbal/written reports
  • Promote the successes of the Group and Sections at the Area level and encourage opportunities for Sections to interact with groups from other Areas and Council

Qualifications: The ideal candidate will:
  • Demonstrate leadership, management, problem solving, delegation and decision making skills
  • Be self-motivated
  • Be a team player with coachable personality
  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal and excellent communication skills
  • Model positive behaviours appropriate to Scouting
  • Be a registered and active member of Scouting and must maintain the most current level of training
  • Complete Wood Badge 1 for Group Commissioners training upon appointment
  • Possess a strong Scouting background OR other equivalent volunteer experience

How to Apply: Submit Cover Letter and Scouting/Volunteer Resume to Scouting Relationship Manager, William Short: .