Live Stream Pulse Fitness Group Classes
Active members of Pulse Fitness can now connect to one of our scheduled group X classes from any device, wherever you are! Never miss being with your favorite instructor, friends and doing the workout you crave.

It’s simple to get started……
Type in your internet search bar

Logging in......Once in the website, in the upper right hand corner of the page, you will find the "Log In" button. Either log in or complete the "Sign Up" form if you have not previously registered. Active members will gain access in one to three days. You will have access to recorded fitness videos, nutrition videos by Laura, our Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer, and information about Personal Training by Cody, Robin and Race.  
When accessing this area in the future, simply click "Log in" from the home page and follow the steps to "Log in with email".

Live Streaming.....When logged in, select "Live Stream" from the "Members Area". On this page, you will find a black box in the upper left corner of the video box counting down the time until the live stream begins. When class time approaches, click the play button in the middle of the video box and the class will begin. Be sure to create a clear space to move around….and enjoy!  
Note: some previously aired classes will remain available for a short time.
Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at with any questions or difficulties you encounter.
Live Stream schedule (subject to change):
Monday 9 am Zumba with Laura
Monday 10 am Yoga with Laura
Tuesday 8 am Low Impact with Kathryn
Tuesday 9 am Chisel’d with Kathryn
Tuesday 4:15 pm Yoga with Kathryn
Thursday 9 am Senior Strength and Balance with Kathryn
Thursday 9 am Yoga with Kathryn
Friday 9 am Zumba with Laura
Friday 10 am Yoga with Andrea

Our livestream schedule will be updated on and our Facebook page. The full schedule of in-person group classes can also be found on our website and Facebook page.