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November 2019    
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1BizStep around Planning, Scaling and Growing
8 Ideas for Year-end Activities for your groups and teams
24 CCEs starts Friday/Sat November 15, GEC Accelerated December and last Advanced Practicum of the year
Upcoming Book Club Calls - 11 am ET on Mondays
Coaching Business Builder Planner and Workbook - Signed Copy from Jennifer
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Quick  Items:
24 CCEs - PlanDoTrack Facilitator Training 
 Mondays/Tuesdays 6-9 pm Eastern: December 2, 3, 9, and 10, 16, 17 (3 wks)
Friday/Saturday November 15,16, December 6 and 7 (Fridays 530-9, Sat 930-330 pm ET)

Upcoming Programs:
 Advanced Group and Team Coaching Practicum - starts Monday November 4 at 3 pm Eastern (10 CCEs - 6 weeks)

Group Coaching Essentials - December accelerated Mondays and Thursdays  1:30 - 2:45 pm ET December 2, 5, 9, 12, 16  (8.75 CCEs)

Group Program Toolkit - More than 2 dozen templates for you to use in your work. Why reinvent the wheel?

Engaging Exercises for Teams and Groups E-Manual (our first digital product from 2005)

F rom One to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching - Download additional chapters using code 4411.

My 2017 book - Effective Virtual Conversations. Order a personally signed copy here. 
Year-end PlanDoTrack or Coaching Business Builder Facilitator Training (24 CCEs)

Looking for a road-tested resource to incorporate into your coaching, virtual work or training? Consider joining us th inaugural Facilitator Training for PlanDoTrack and Coaching Business Builder stating this fall (dates listed above)

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Welcome back to the November 2019 edition of the Team and Group Coaching Ins and Outs.

As we step into the last mile of the year, our atttention may be turning to many directions. We were touching on this last week at the Coaching Biz Growth Lab. What this may mean for you is a surge of year-end request from clients for year-end reviews, retreats and planning sessions. Also, it's time for you to get started with some of your year end planning and events.  In this month's newsletter I've got resources for you around both of these areas.

Check out this month's article which focuses on 8 Activities you may want to use with your groups and teams at year end. 

You'll also find a blog post listed below on Getting Prepared for Year End Planning. Join me on Monday November 18th from 11 - 11:30 am ET as I take those joining me through a real-time 2020 Planning session virtually. Its one of the complimentary virtual book club calls so mark it down and join us. If you want a deeper dive join me on Thursday November 14th from 1 - 5 pm ET for the next PlanDoTrack Virtual Retreat. 

Don't have any of your own ready-made programs set to go? Join us as a PlanDoTrack (PDT) or Coaching Business Builder (CBB) Facilitator. These books are a road-tested offering around productivity, leadership and teamwork. The training is also 24 CCEs (including 19 hours of core competencies). Registration links below.

You can offer the programs as retreats, one-on-one coaching OR team sessions even. There's TONS of topics, exercises and tools to lead discussion around personal productivity, goals and awareness for coaches building their businesses (CBB), as well as remote leaders, teams and and businesses (PDT).
The next facilitator training will run VIRTUALLY:
Friday evening and Saturday day (East Coast North America time): November 15, 16 and December 6, 7 

A second separate group will run:
Monday and Tuesday evenings from 6-9 pm ET for 3 weeks starting December 2nd OR 
Grab your spot below, or learn more about this 24 hour CCE program here

or those that like to take daily action around their business the November 1BizStepADay focuses on Planning, Scaling and Growing. The series provides you with a daily prompt for daily 15 minutes of action. Check out these daily prompts over at the Coaching Business Builder blog or
the Conversation Sparker Zone. I hope you'll join us for a digital conversation.

The last 2019 programs will start later this month and will include the  Advanced Group and Team Coaching Practicum (just started yesterday Mondays at 130 pm ET- 10 CCEs), Group Coaching Essentials (starts Monday December 2nd  - 5 accelerated sessions on Monday and Thursdays from 1:30 - 2:45 pm ET)
Enjoy this month's newsletter!

Warm regards,
Jennifer Britton, MES, CPCC, PCC, CHRL
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Posts and Resources to Support Your Work
Every month I share a range of resources to support you in your work:

Prepping For Year End Planning - Check out this recent Coaching Business Builder Blog post here.

Growing Your Team as a Solopreneur: (30 minutes Coaching Business Builder Book Club) - Grab a pen for this one and follow along 

Virtual and Remote Team Tools (5 areas - Video as part of the Effective Virtual Conversations program) - View it here. 30 minutes.

Related to this theme of growing your team, I hope that you will join us for the 52 Weeks of Planning, Doing and Tracking (around your business!) - This past week has focused on leveraging your natural internal rhythm by exploring Circadian Rhythm - read it here

Check out the Facebook Lives I've hosted with our recent focus on Coaching Groups and Teams around Team Identity. View them here. 

This month's focus of the 1BizStepaDay is on Planning, Scaling and Growing If you are looking for daily prompts to support you in consistent focused action, check out this month's Coaching Business Builder download here.

On Instagram? Let's connect over at the @CoachingBizBuilder feed around questions for your business development with #90DaysPlanDoTrack. I've just started season 2 of these 90 day prompts. My personal @jennbritton will continue to focus more the wider side of my work - teamwork, coaching and leadership.  Connect with me there.

8 Ideas for Year-end activities for your groups and teams
As we move into the last few weeks of the year, many of our events turn to year end sessions, and planning sessions for the year (and decade) ahead. Consider incorporating some of these activities in your work.

Key areas to focus on as it relates to year-end activities are the following:
  1. A year in review - Get the group/team to map out on a timeline their key activities, milestones,
  2. The year end adventure map - Similar to #1 have the team create a map of their adventures for the year - the highs and the lows. What lands did they visit? What was created?
  3. Acknowledgements - Provide an opportunity for the team to stop and share with others what they see as each others' strengths. Get them to speak to and acknowledge each other in terms of successes for the year.
  4. Year end stock taking - Have the team/groups of individuals take stock of all the successes they've had. This may be a bulleted list in their journal (provide the with a new one to get them into the habit of year end pause) OR give them a set of index cards or materials to create a piece of art.
  5. Pause Point - Provide a pause point for people to reflect on what was important to them and key lessons learned. Create a worksheet that people can work through real-time or have a series of prompting questions that people can work through with you. (10 minutes or more)
  6. Vision for the new year - individual level - Take people through an individual vision session. This might include a worksheet or handout people can work though real-time with you. I'll be doing a similar session on November 18th at 11 am ET if you'd like to join me for this 30 minute call. Details below
  7. Aspirations for the new year/new decade - What are people's aspirations for the new year and new decade? Aspirations can be powerful anchors for individuals.
  8. Write Your Own Story - For anyone who has joined me this year for a virtual program, you'll know my love of Rory's Story cubes. If you have a set, how might you incorporate these into having people create a story of their year ahead.
What do you want to put into practice?
Share with us over at the Conversation Sparker zone what you have planned for year end activities with the teams and groups you work with. Join the conversation today!

Upcoming 2019 Programs : Group Coaching Essentials, Virtual Facilitation Essentials, Mentor Coaching

Group Coaching Essentials (8.75 CCEs): Explore the best practices or designing, marketing and leading group coaching
November's group just started on Friday November 2nd and will be meeting on Fridays from 1015 - 1130 am ET: November 2, 9, 16, 23, December 6th
December's Group Coaching Essentials class 
Mondays and Thursdays 1:30- 2:45 pm ET: December 2, 5, 9, 12, and 16, 2019

Geared to support you in learning more about group coaching - what it is, best practices of designing, marketing and implementing programming, and exploring the variety of different models. Weekly assignments get you taking action on your own program ideas. We also look at exercises, resources and tricky issues, as well as the skills needed to be a great group coach, and how group coaching differs from team coaching and individual coaching approaches.

December's group starting on December 2nd and running for 5 weeks - $450 US

Bundle the Advanced with the Essentials for a cost of $895 US. The next Advanced Group runs Mondays from 3 -415 pm Eastern (6 weeks) on  November 4, 11, 18, 25 and December 2 and 9. Advanced is 10 CCEs. Sign up for both Essentials and Advanced - $895 US: 

Mentor Coaching Support will be offered on a 1-1 basis for coaches still needing their hours this year, or you can jump into a final group which will run from January to April 2020.  Fridays 9 - 10 am ET on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. $1100 US for 10 hour program.   More info here

Virtual Facilitation Essentials (8.5 CCEs)
This program explores the exciting terrain of virtual facilitation. Whether you plan on running webinars, virtual retreats or virtual team sessions, this program explores key skills for virtual facilitation excellence, designing for engagement in mind, and leading interactive calls. Content rich, we also model different practices and you are invited to lead an opener or closer for us.
The program is approved for 8.5 CCEs with the ICF including 5.5. hours of core competencies.
Next group meets January 2020 - Mondays 130 -245 pm Eastern: January 13, 20, 27, February 3 and 10, 2020

Looking to join a community of other coaches who are growing their business OR taking a deeper dive around different forms of learning?

Throughout the year I host two separate annual groups which explore learning and business development.

The Learning Lab and Design Studio meets on Friday  mornings from 845 - 930 am ET during the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month. We dig deeper into core topics of interest to group and team coaches such as activities, design, retreats, platforms and all things related to creating a great conversation, and learning space. This fall our focus will be on GROUP Coaching, Team Coaching and 2020 Planning for you and your clients.

Join us for 2020 programming and get 2 extra months with us - November 2019 to end of December 2020. 
Pricing for 202 LLDS will be $1375 a year. That works out to less than $100 investment for your learning, and accountability for the next year.

Friday afternoons I host the Coaching Biz Growth Lab.

The Coaching Biz Growth Lab continues it's focus on key business topics for today's coaches around business development. 

2020 Topics include:
Branding for your business
Marketing outreach
Your Key Soundbyte
Content Creation
Building your body of work, and honing your signature program
Video production
  The Coaching Biz Growth Lab(TM) Group members participate in two one-hour group coaching calls twice a month on zoom, join in quarterly virtual co-working sessions to get things done, and also access a growing library which includes a monthly article and template for their business.

You can join for $1375 a year, $450 a quarter or $147 a month.

Join the Coaching Biz Growth Lab to the end of 2020 for a rate of $1375 US


Become a PlanDoTrack or Coaching Business Builder Facilitator (24 CCES - Starts November 15th - Friday evening and Saturday Virtually!)

Jump into the PlanDoTrack or Coaching Business Builder Facilitator Training Friday November 15th from 530 - 930 pm Eastern and pay your first of 12 monthly installments of $200/month:

The Facilitator Training Group will be meeting on Friday evenings from 530 - 930 pm Eastern on November 15 and December 6 as well as Saturdays 930 -330 pmET on November 16 and December 7 (24 CCEs (19 core competencies, 5 resource development). More info . Check the website for additional dates being offered.

Looking forward to having you join us for these conversations!
Fall Book Club Calls - You are Invited!
A quick reminder as we go to close out the newsletter that every month I host a variety of open and complimentary calls around my books. They are usually held on Mondays from 11 - 11:30 am Eastern and are held in zoom room 270-302-0415.

Join us on Monday November 18th for a special 2020 Planning session for your work. Bring a pen and stay tuned at the Conversation Sparker Zone for the special download!

If you are interested in Effective Virtual Conversations I just did a call on Remote and Virtual Team Tools, download the upcoming call listing

If you are interested in the PlanDoTrack/CoachingBusiness Builder body of work, download the upcoming call listing for these calls.

You can of course dig into the decade plus of calls I have done around group and team coaching issues at any time at the EffectiveGroupCoach YouTube channel.
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