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March 2020   
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10 Focus areas in the Virtual and Remote Space
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Welcome back to the March 2020 edition of the Team and Group Coaching Ins and Outs. Where have your conversations taken you this month? For many, conversations this month have turned to disruption, health and well-being and doing things in a more virtual manner. With this in mind, I'm focusing this month's articles on tips to support you in shifting your conversations virtually. You may also want to download a copy of my new Remote Working Whitepaper - When You Need to Get Up to Speed Quickly. You'll find it here.

Spring programming starts in the next few weeks

The Virtual Facilitation Essentials program can now be completed in one day or in its usual ifive week format (one day formats being offered March 25, April 1st or the five week kicking off on March 30th (at 130 pm ET). The program provides you with an opportunity to gain more confidence and proficiency in using different tools like Annotation, Slides and Breakouts.

We cover several virtual tips also in the Group Coaching Essentials program which takes a dive into the best practices for designing, leading and marketing group coaching. It starts again on Monday March 23rd at 9 am ET. 4 spaces open.

The 60 Day Coaching Business Builder Accelerator is the newest hybrid program, consisting of daily videos, Monday and Friday kick off and wrap up calls, and 1-1 laser calls around your business for 9 weeks. It does bring to life the CBB philosophy of Daily Steps + Consistent Action = Momentum.  Learning is one thing and getting into ACTION is another. Your 9 week window starts when you register. Save 25% by using the link below.

Let's turn our attention now to 10 Key Things to Keep in Mind When Going Virtual - this month's article.

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Jennifer Britton, MES, CPCC, PCC, CHRL
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Posts and Resources to Support Your Work
Every month I share a range of resources to support you in your work:

Team Coaching - 5 Areas to Consider. Read it here.

Video - Working with Visual Cards (2020 Refresh of an earlier Blab) - Want to jazz things up a bit? Listen in and think about how you might use cards like the Conversation Sparker Deck.

Be sure to check out the this month's 1BizStepADay series with daily prompts to focus on your working virtually. Read it here.

The Coaching Business Builder blog continues to offer weekly posts on growing your coaching business, What's Your Business Mix? Read it here.

For those that are needing to go remote and work with clients on strengths, check out the March 2020 Remote Pathways call. The next one will be held on Friday March 20th from 730 - 8 am ET - When you Need to Get up to Speed Quickly. Join us in zoom room 270-302-0415.
Check out these 8 year end blog posts which are ones you'll want to highlight and return back to as they are summaries and Top 10s. Read them here.

On Instagram? Let's connect over at the @CoachingBizBuilder feed around questions for your business development with #60DayAccelerator.
@RemotePathways for those who are focusing more on topics related to remote professionals (Solopreneurs, Leaders, Project Managers, Coaches, Remote Teams, Virtual Facilitators). Join us here.

10 Things as you move into the Virtual or Remote Realm
This month's article is based off a series of videos I have created for an organization many of you know well - stay tuned for the release of that series....

For now, I wanted to share with you 10 things to think about as you to move things into the virtual realm:
  1.  It's all about the connection
  2.  Listen (and watch) for the energy
  3.  Silence
  4.  Less is more
  5.  Focus on process
  6. What's Beyond the Screen?
  7. Get comfortable with the technology
  8. Make it Visual
  9. Use the virtual tools available
  10. What's going to set up up for success
We're not going to look at each one of these in today's article but you can find related videos on these topics at the Effective Virtual Conversations Playlist.
AT the core of any great coaching conversation is conection and trust. What are you doing to help people navigate into the remote space and also feel comfortable. what are you noticing about how the pace and pitch of the conversation is shifting.
If we aren't face to face and connect without seeing each other, what do you notice about the energy of the call. What pace is the person speaking at? What pauses are there? What is the energy of the call?
Silence  - What pause points are you building in? Are they really filled with a pause or are they rushed? Consider using your timer to create a real break.
Less is more in the virtual space. What's absolutely essential? What's NICE to HAVE, but not necessary?

Things can be magnified in the virtual space, as we only see what's on the screen. What are you curious about in terms of context?

Get comfortable with the technology. One of the things I consistently hear from with those attending Virtual Facilitation Essentials is that they enjoy the hands-on practice with the different virtual tools. Each person gets to lead an opener/closer/energizer, can gets to see the "Back end" of the virtual process.

Make it visual - What are the graphical elements you are using? What are you doing to build up your images or have the client create their own?

One of our more popular digital licenses has been the Conversation Sparker and Teams365 digital license. You can use the photos and questions in any of your virtual sessions, webinars, or even on-demand programs. Purchase and download right away at the Potentials Realized store.

Finally, what's going to set your group up for success? What do they need in order to do BEFORE the call? During the Call or AFTER the call? Keep in mind that we may be rushing from one call to another, so what can you do to create more pause or working in the moment?

Like podcasts? Don't forget to listen into the new Remote Pathways podcast I co-host with Michelle Mullins. Listen in here. Recent topics have included Strengths and Remote Work. Coming up Conflict, Mentoring and Getting up to Speed Quickly. Be sure to subscribe so you know when our next episode is out!

Late February/early March programs open - Reserve your spot.
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Group Coaching Essentials (8.75 CCEs): Explore the best practices or designing, marketing and leading group coaching
Is 2020 your year to incorporate group or team coaching to your mix? Join us for the Group Coaching Essentials program - Mondays 9 - 10 15 am ET: March 23, 30, April 6, 20, 27, 2020 (5 spots open)

Geared to support you in learning more about group coaching - what it is, best practices of designing, marketing and implementing programming, and exploring the variety of different models. We also touch on team coaching foundations. Weekly assignments get you taking action on your own program ideas. We also look at exercises, resources and tricky issues, as well as the skills needed to be a great group coach, and how group coaching differs from team coaching and individual coaching approaches.

January's group starting Monday March 23 and running for5 weeks - $475 US

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Mentor Coaching Groups - Join a small group of coaches as we take a deep dive into the new ICF competencies, and help you sharpen your skills with feedback and practice opportunities. This 10 hour program meets the needs of ACCs, ACC Renewals and PCC applicants.  You can jump into the next group which starts  Fridays 9 - 10 am ET on March 20 and runs to late June. $1100 US for 10 hour program.   More info here

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Virtual Facilitation Essentials (8.5 CCEs)
Need to ramp up to speed around leading interactive webinars, virtual team sessions or virtual calls via the web? This program explores the exciting terrain of virtual facilitation. Whether you plan on running webinars, virtual retreats or virtual team sessions, this program explores key skills for virtual facilitation excellence, designing for engagement in mind, and leading interactive calls. Content rich, we also model different practices and you are invited to lead an opener or closer for us. Participants love getting "behind the dashboard" and learning how to do things like breakouts and annotation.

Join us in either a 5 week format starting March 30th  (Mondays 1:30 - 2:45 pm Eastern)

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Looking to join a community of other coaches who are growing their business OR taking a deeper dive around different forms of learning?

Throughout the year I host two separate annual groups which explore learning and business development.

The Learning Lab and Design Studio is a fun place to connect and learn around all things learning - designing retreats, team coaching, group coaching, virtual programs on Friday  mornings from 845 - 930 am ET during the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month.
We dig deeper into core topics of interest to group and team coaches such as activities, design, retreats, platforms and all things related to creating a great conversation, and learning space.

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2020 Topics include:
Branding for your business
Marketing outreach
Program Design and Offerings
Content Creation
Building your body of work, and honing your signature program
Video production
  The Coaching Biz Growth Lab(TM) Group members participate in two one-hour group coaching calls twice a month on zoom, join in quarterly virtual co-working sessions to get things done, and also access a growing library which includes a monthly article and template for their business.

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Launched on January 1st, this is a program YOU can start at any time! IT brings you 60 days of key topics for CONSISTENT FOCUS and ACTION around your business. From looking at your business foundations, YOU as a business owner, your platform and offerings, to exploring 9 different promotional vehicles, and what your CLIENTS really want, it's a focused dive to generate momentum with your work. Join me this spring for the best of all worlds - on-demand, live, 1-1, and weekly check-ins. Learn more here and get set up! Videos come to you on a daily basis. Monday and Friday calls start when you do.
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I have to say this program has been one of my favorite hybrid programs to design...hop you will check it out. 
  60 Day Coaching Business Builder Accelerator
Looking forward to having you join us for SPRING 2020 programming!
Monthly Book Club Calls - You are Invited!
A quick reminder as we go to close out the newsletter that every month I host a variety of open and complimentary calls around my books. They are usually held on Mondays from 11 - 11:30 am Eastern and are held in zoom room 270-302-0415.

The 2020 Schedule is now available in one streamlined format - I'll be hosting about two calls a month next year on topics related to teams, business development, remote conversations etc.

The next  call will focus on TEAMS In Focus - Essential Elements and Current Trends. Call is on Monday March 9th from 11 - 11:30 am ET. in my zoom room  (270-302-0415).
Also earmark Monday March 30th from 11 - 1130 am ET when I'll host a Quarterly Planning Hack - come and do a review of your 1st quarter. Call open to everyone! .

You can of course dig into the decade plus of calls I have done around group and team coaching issues at any time at the EffectiveGroupCoach YouTube channel.

Looking forward to having you join us for an upcoming call!

You can also listen in at any time to the new Remote Pathways Podcast - episode 3 focused on the pathway of Professional Coaches, and Episode 8 is about Strengths and Remote with Special Guest Coaching Jennifer Grote. I hope that you will enjoy this new podcast series. You can subscribe here.

We're hosting a special call on Getting up to Remote Work Speed Quickly on Friday March 20th from 730 - 8 am ET. Join us in my zoom room listed above.

Looking forward to supporting you this year, and continuing the conversation.

Best wishes,
Jennifer Britton, PCC, CPCC, CHRP, CPT
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