Tune Up & Tune Out with
Jacqui Bonwell
Thursday December 13th 6:30pm

The 2nd Thursday of every month from 
 6:30-8:30p BRAINTREE

Thursday evenings can be a low energy evening. The hustle & bustle of Monday-Wednesday and this ONE day before the upliftment & activity of Friday hits. Thursday evenings can feel like a deflated balloon. This is a great time to practice moving exhausted, tired or stressed energy and allowing for stronger, calmer and much sharper energy to rise to your surface. Meditation, followed by a kick-asana Sacred Seeds Yoga Flow (developed by Jacqui) & hints of Balanced Athlete (™) This monthly slice of heaven is ALL levels, for real. Everyone from a total couch potato to Patanjali himself (author of the Yoga Sutras)- doesn't matter! Restorative Yoga w/ a live sound bath of drums, bowls & other cool instruments will bookend the practice complete with a delightful Savasana & seated Meditation to close. SHUT. THE. FRONT. DOOR. I. KNOW. I can't believe it either. Giddy up & get your spot as these monthly sessions will sell out. Taking time for yourself is selfless for the echo & ripple effect that is YOU. Never underestimate the healing power of these techniques. A holistic prescription to organize you & get you into strong, sophisticated positioning on multiple levels.
Investment: $30
Om Holy Night:
Yoga & Music in celebration of the Winter Solstice
Saturday December 22nd 5pm-7pm
Om Holy Night: an evening of Yoga and Music in celebration of the Winter Solstice
In celebration of the darkest evening of the year, join Nicole Burrill and Georgia Zafferes for a candlelit, meditative slow flow set to live vocal improv of chants, carols and winter favorites by Heather Woods and Musical guests. Complete with hands-on assists and energetic healing, this event will be a physical, emotional and spiritual practice that will leave you grounded, centered and ready for the emergence of new, blessed light.
Class will include chanting, meditation, a deeply relaxing yoga practice and an extended savasana. And in the tradition of Chakra Power Yoga, we warmly welcome you to stay for tea, cookies & conversation.
Braintree: Saturday December 22nd from 5:00pm-7:00pm
This event sold out in October of last year so be sure to pre-register HERE!
$40 (workshops are non-refundable)
Leaves, rain, wind, and early darkness. Autumn is always a time that seems to allow the hope of spring to fold back into itself to reveal gratitude, contemplation, a settling down. Somehow it comes hand in hand with the busy holiday season and often a feeling of not having quite enough time to appreciate it all. Late fall and winter are my favorite times of year at the studios as yoga becomes the perfect antidote to feelings of stress, rushing, worry, and for some of us, seasonal sadness. We are putting together lots of nurturing, challenging, and community-based workshops at all 3 locations to carry us through the colder months when we need community, calmness, and a warm place to practice. Be on the lookout for a Beginner's series in Hanover, a second SPA Yoga and Essential Oils workshop with Lauren D'Angelo in Braintree, announcements about THE January Challenge 2019 (going to be crazy amazing this year with 3 studios involved - can't wait!), Mindful eating and plant-based nutrition with Aliza in Waltham, and more! We'll be kicking off the season with Thanksgiving morning classes in Braintree and Waltham, and are excited to announce a new Groupon deal to help us grow our Hanover community! Read on and come practice with us!

Hanover Groupon
We are super excited to be offering incredible deals for our Hanover students through partnership with Groupon.  
5 classes for $25
10 classes for $45
1 month unlimited for $39
Get yours here and share this email to spread the good word. Groupon are only valid at Hanover and are only available through the end of December!

Small Business Saturday Sale
Our last sale of the season, our biggest sale of the year! Grab a 10 pack for yourself or as a gift for only $120 - the lowest our 10 packs get and will ever be as we usually move into a price increase in January! Our sale is set to launch publicly Saturday November 17th but lucky for you packs are already available at this price at our online store - we're only selling 100 packages at this price and this email goes out to almost 3000 recipients so get your seasonal saving started today! 

Come Get Grateful
Please join Kathy in Braintree and Nicole & Ronnie in Waltham on Thanksgiving morning at 9:30am. Regular pricing applies and yoga is always the perfect way to start your day grateful! Register here!  

Please check out our schedules online as we work through a few teacher changes and class time changes especially at our newest Hanover location. All the info is at www.chakrapoweryoga.com/schedule

I love hearing from you with suggestions, questions or concerns so be in touch. And I love you <3

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