Hello Moving Forward Community,

We're pleased to announce that our groups for children and adolescents are accepting new participants, and we're starting a new Adult Covid-19 Support Group.

With a new school year upon us, this is an ideal time to consider if your child may benefit from participating in one of our groups, which are led by Ali Meyer, LCSW, who has extensive experience working with children and teens. Read more about Ali by clicking HERE!

Several of the children/teen groups are co-facilitated by our new Clinical Intern, Katie Turco. Katie is also offering pro-bono therapy services for children, teens, and adults.

We're excited to have Katie join the team at Moving Forward! Read more about Katie below.


Michele T. Cole, Ph.D., LCSW

Early Elementary Girls Book Club, Tuesdays at 3 pm
The focus is on learning about our feelings and how to manage them through our book club format by using the book, "Me and My Feelings" by Vanessa Green Allen, MeD, NBCT. Participating in the book club is a fun way to get to know all about our feelings by doing the exercises, taking the quizzes, and talking about how the tips will help in everyday situations, which are provided in the book. This group is led by Ali Meyer, LCSW and co-facilitated by Katie Turco, Clinical Intern.

Older Elementary Girls Group, Mondays at 4:30 pm
This is a social skills group where the focus is on greetings, turn taking, conversation starters, keeping the conversation going, and processing feelings. Each group starts with a greeting, and a share out, then we move onto the activity finishing with an onion and pearl (something good that's happened and something that didn't go well). The group is tailored to help each individual work on their specific needs while also making lasting connections. This group is led by Ali Meyer, LCSW and co-facilitated by Megan Green, MA, NCC, who is a Licensed Resident in Counseling. Read Megan's full bio HERE!

Elementary Boys Group, Wednesdays, 2:30 pm
This social skills group is structured to help boys work on turn taking, conversation starters, and having healthy social interactions. The book we have based our boys group on is, "Have you Filled a Bucket Today?" by Carol McCloud. We start each group off with a greeting and a share out, then we discuss their bucket filling and bucket dipping (something good that they've done and something that they did that didn't go well), from there we go to an activity and end with onions and pearls (something good that happened and something that didn't go well). This group is led by Ali Meyer, LCSW and co-facilitated by Katie Turco, Clinical Intern.

High School Girls Group, Tuesdays at 5 pm
This is a process group focusing on different feelings that teens experience including, but not limited to, anxiety, social anxiety, depression, healthy friendships, and how to manage feelings around living with the quarantine, distance learning, and managing screen time. We start the group by talking about a feeling of the day and then move to what the girls current needs are. This group is led by Ali Meyer, LCSW and co-facilitated by Katie Turco, Clinical Intern.

**All groups meet for 1-hour, weekly via Zoom**

With questions or to register, please email Ali Meyer, LCSW by

New! Adult Covid-19 Support Group

Moving Forward will soon be offering a weekly Covid-19 support group for adults 18+. 
This will be a safe space to process various losses associated with the pandemic; for building resiliency, learn stress reduction and anxiety relieving techniques, and beginning to make meaning. Many have found themselves increasingly anxious, depressed and isolated in current times. This group will be a space to explore and share ways we can begin to heal.

This group will be led by Megan Green, MA, NCC. To learn more or to register, please contact Megan by clicking HERE!

Welcome Katie Turco, Clinical Intern!

Katie is currently pursuing a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Johns Hopkins University. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Virginia. Katie has spent the Summer of 2020 leading and co-leading the group therapy sessions at Moving Forward, PLC, as well as seeing individual clients on a pro-bono basis.

Previously, Katie has experience leading group therapy for adolescents struggling with issues surrounding body image, relationships, family dynamics and much more. She is passionate about helping individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, and self-esteem difficulties. She is also particularly interested in working with a young adult population to help them manage life stressors and social difficulties.

Katie has experience using a variety of treatment modalities, including: cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), play therapy, solution-focused, and mindfulness based approaches. Katie is dedicated to working collaboratively with clients to help them reach their goals and bring about meaningful change. 

**Pro-Bono Counseling with Katie**

Katie offers pro-bono counseling to children, teens, and adults. Contact Katie by clicking HERE to learn more or to schedule an appointment.
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