Lesli Johnson, MFT

Mountains of NC, August 2018

Summer has slipped away...it went so fast! I hope you are all faring well with back to school and other Fall events. I'll fill you in with some quick tidbits and as always, feel free to reach out with questions, comments and suggestions.


Online groups for the ADOPTION COMMUNITY

Support and a sense of community are SO important. I have been asked by many people: "When are you starting a group for adult adoptees?" I've also been contacted by adoptive parents seeking support: "We would love to be a part of a group who understands what we are experiencing." Groups are a great way to give and get support. 

I want you to know I'm listening!

Two online groups will begin in late October. 
Contact me directly for more information. 


Join us for Teen AdoptCONNECT Thursday Sept. 13th!

Teen AdoptCONNECT meets the 
of each month 
7-8:30pm in Pasadena. Our next meeting is:
September 13th, 2018 
This group is free but we'd appreciate an RSVP.
(You can download a flyer and registration form below.)


AKA Conference in Austin, Texas

In November, I'm heading back to one of my absolute favorite cities to present at the Adoption Knowledge Affiliates Conference. The theme is What Adoption Can Teach the World. AKA in Austin does such important work. This is one of my favorite conferences and this year I'll be presenting with my dear friend and colleague, Leslie Pate MacKinnon (We met several years ago at this very conference!) We'll be talking about How to Heal Adoption Trauma and Live YOUR Authentic Life. I'll be doing a live demonstration of Brainspotting too! Read more about the event and register here. 
Please join me if you're in the area!


I mentioned Brainspotting....

So, do you all know about this thing? It's INCREDIBLE! I am committed
 to stay in the loop and educate myself on alternative or adjunct therapies that work to help clients overcome their past traumas. Sometimes talk therapy isn't enough. This is especially true if the event(s) happened before the person had a conscious memory (preverbal trauma) or the event was so impactful they are unable to recall the event. Traumatic events and events that a person perceives as traumatic are stored in the brain in a maladaptive way. They are "stuck" in the subcortical area of the brain rather than processed. They aren't memories but instead feel like they are still very  active in the  body  and nervous system. 

Because of my interest in trauma and the brain body connection, I became certified in EMDR years ago and I have witnessed the powerful effects. More recently I've been trained in Brainspotting and WOW. Just wow. Brainspotting was developed by David Grand, a longtime EMDR practitioner. Brainspotting works with the notion that where we look affects how we feel. We all brainspot often, we just don't know it. My clients LOVE Brainspotting and so do I. Learn more at brainspotting.com or call me to talk and see if Brainspotting or EMDR are for you. (They are by the way!!) I work with individuals, couples and also see clients as an adjunct to their primary therapists to help them 
move past their trauma. 

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With gratitude,
Lesli Johnson, MFT

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