Issue 32 | January 26, 2023
Grover Gazette
Message From the City Manager
Greetings City of Grover Beach,

I hope you all are having a good start to the new year. It’s hard to believe that January is already over. Winter weather has taken center stage this month, starting with a deluge of rain for the first half of the month and cold temperatures for the second half. The storms produced localized flooding, numerous road closures and a voluntary evacuation advisory along Nacimiento Avenue near Meadow Creek. Huge kudos to our first responders in Fire, Police and Public Works for their long hours in the rain to keep our community safe. That said, our storm impacts were relatively minor compared to other communities due to the lack of major waterways and other factors. One such factor is that 2/3 of our local streets have been repaired with Measure K-14, along with the installation of cross-gutters and curbing that allows water to flow to drains and basins instead of ponding in the street. Our community’s investment continues to pay off! 

The new year also brings in new faces to City government, starting with new Council Member Clint Weirick. Council Member Weirick was appointed by the City Council on January 23 to fill the remaining two years of Mayor Bright’s Council seat vacated when she was elected Mayor. Mr. Weirick is a Grover Beach native with a long record of community service and will bring a high degree of knowledge and passion in serving the City. In addition, we’re pleased to welcome our new Community Development Director Megan Martin to our City team. Megan began her service on January 23 following the retirement of former Director Bruce Buckingham and has over 10 years of planning experience in Pismo Beach, SLO County and Clovis along with the private sector. We look forward to Megan’s service to Grover Beach as she’ll help us shape our future development direction as a community. 

Looking ahead, the City Council will soon engage in its biennial goal-setting process to determine the highest priorities for City government over the next two years. This process is critical to ensuring our City staff team is focused on delivering results for what’s most important for City government to address. As we often say, cities can do anything but they can’t do everything. To begin the process, we conducted an online community survey in December and a community forum on January 25 to get community input on key priorities. The Council will review this information, financial information and results of existing priorities on February 14 before coming up with an updated set of Council Goals for Fiscal Years 2023-25. The Council will hold a goal-setting workshop on March 6 at 3 p.m. at Ramona Garden Park Center to identify these goals. The public is invited to attend and provide input. 

Thank you, as always, for being part of our community and helping us make Grover Beach even better. Let us know how we can help you and if we can answer any questions about City services or projects at (805) 473-4567 or


Matthew Bronson
City Manager
In the News
Implementing Signage Ordinance
As Grover Beach continues to promote economic development, the City has implemented new expectations for permanent and temporary signage for businesses. These requirements intend to create a more unified and appealing atmosphere for customers and visitors. The updated Sign Ordinance indicates that signage must identify businesses, protect and enhance the aesthetic qualities of the City and minimize hazards to motorists and pedestrians. It also clarifies the types of signs that are prohibited, creates more flexibility for permanent signage and outlines rules for the time, place and manner of temporary signs.
Grover Beach City Council Appoints Clint Weirick to Fill Council Vacancy
At its meeting on January 23, the City Council unanimously appointed Clint Weirick as its newest City Council Member, filling the vacancy following the November 2022 Municipal Election. Council Member Weirick will serve the remainder of the term through December 2024. The Council interviewed four applicants and collectively appointed Clint Weirick for the position based on his civic participation, experience and vision for the future.

Grover Beach Welcomes New Community Development Director
The City of Grover Beach is pleased to welcome Megan Martin as the new Community Development Director beginning on January 23. Martin has an extensive background in planning and development with over 10 years of hands-on experience in local government and the private sector. As the Community Development Director, Martin will manage planning, building, code compliance, housing, community block grant programs and commercial cannabis regulatory oversight.

“Cabins for Change” Temporary Housing Project Opens in Grover Beach
The City of Grover Beach continues to take meaningful action to address homelessness in our community in partnership with other agencies. The construction of the temporary emergency housing on County property at 16th Street and Long Branch Avenue in Grover Beach is complete and the facility opened during the last week of 2022.

Staff Spotlight
Employee of the Year and Service Awards
The City of Grover Beach is proud to recognize Becky Robledo as the 2022 Employee of the Year! She was celebrated at the January 23 City Council meeting

Throughout her many years of service to the City, Becky has always had an outstanding attitude and is truly a team player. The City appreciates her contributions to the Administrative Services Department and the entire Grover Beach community.

“It has been an honor to receive the 2022 employee of the year award. I have enjoyed my 17 years of service with the City, and I feel grateful to be recognized for this prestigious award,” said Becky.

The City of Grover Beach has so many dedicated employees! At the end of 2022, the City also recognized the following employees for their five years of service to the Grover Beach community with a commemorative pin:

  • Rafael Castillo - Community Development
  • Jon Groden - Administrative Services
  • Tracy Leveque - Police
  • Karla Mattocks - Human Resources
  • Erin Wiggin - Public Works

We are proud to have such dedicated staff serving our great City!
Upcoming Meetings & Events
City Hall Schedule

February 7 @ 6 p.m.

February 13, All Day

February 14 @ 6 p.m.

Parks, Recreation and Beatification Commission Meeting
February 16 @ 6 p.m.

February 20, All Day

February 27 @ 6 p.m.

Council Goal-Setting Workshop
March 6 @ 3 p.m.
Community Events
Jazz Jubilee Highlights
In partnership with the City of Pismo Beach, the City of Grover Beach hosted the Pismo Jazz Jubilee from January 12 to January 15. Residents enjoyed three full days of live music, dancing and tons of fun!

Despite the rain, a few thousand residents broke out their dancing shoes and checked out all the venues across Grover Beach and Pismo Beach. The lineup included a unique list of featured acts, local favorites and guest artists.

A few artists included:
  • Cornet Chop Suey
  • The Midiri Brothers Septet
  • Professor Cunningham and his Old School
  • The Creole Syncopators

Be sure to join the fun again next year!
Frequently Asked Questions
How Can I Participate in Council Goal-Setting Sessions?
The City kicked off the new year by encouraging community members to provide their feedback about what the City Council should prioritize in the next few years. In December 2022, residents provided their input via the annual community survey. On January 25, the City hosted a Council Goal Setting Community Forum at Ramona Garden Park Center for residents to share their thoughts. Attendees discussed a wide range of community priorities, including public safety, housing, street improvements, homelessness, economic development and much more.

On March 6, the Grover Beach City Council will hold a workshop to identify Council Goals which will establish the priorities for City government in the coming years. The workshop will begin at 3 p.m. at the Ramona Garden Park Center. Residents can view the meeting materials 72 hours before the meeting on the Grover Beach website.
Storm Preparedness and Safety Tips
This winter marks some of the most challenging storms California has faced in the last few decades. Before the next storm rolls in, take these steps to prepare:

  • Have a three-day supply of water and food for each person in your household and enough food and water for pets.
  • Create a disaster supply kit that includes all necessary prescriptions.
  • Have flashlights for every member of your household with extra batteries.
  • Be prepared to evacuate if you lose power or heat and know your routes and destinations. Keep a list of local emergency shelters on hand.
  • Know where you can acquire sandbags in SLO County.
  • Avoid non-essential travel during storms and never drive in flooded areas.
  • Install carbon monoxide alarms in your home. The risk of carbon monoxide poisoning increases during winter storms as people turn to alternate heat sources.
  • Make sure you have fire extinguishers in your home and ensure everyone knows how to use them. House fires are much more common during winter storms as people turn to alternate heat sources.

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