March 2020

If you want to build a healthy contracting business, industry experts suggest mastering the art of "cross-selling": offering existing customers multiple products or services.

Studies show the more you sell a client, the higher their satisfaction and their loyalty. 

It's simple: if you're not now taking advantage of cross-selling opportunities that show up every day, you are MISSING potential sales and profits.   Here are some tips for successful cross-selling:

1)  Understand your client's goals. If he/she is looking for "low maintenance", suggest self-adjusting timers or weed barrier, not fussy plantings.   Observe and ask, then suggest the right items.

2)  Educate customers before asking for the order. Customers will buy add-ons and enhancements if they're educated on the need. Use marketing materials and your website to educate as part of the sales process.
3)  The rule of "25".   Don't offer add-ons or upgrades that exceed the original cost of the project by more than 25%.  So if you're quoting a $5,000 job, suggest optional enhancements that cost less than $1,250.  
4)  Make it a program so it happens. You have to be motivated to ask the right questions to uncover the opportunities.  Train your salespeople and tailor compensation to encourage cross-selling.  Measure your results and watch your sales grow!  

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Don't Become an Accidental Dinosaur
Technology Waits for No Contractor   
Reluctant to embrace new technology in your business?  Slow to offer new WiFi based controls to your clients?   
Experts say its finally time to get serious about these products.  What's different?   The technical aspects have gotten more robust.  In 2000, it was a bunch of promises ( remember controllers that would call you to do service work?).  Now the tools actually work and are practical.
What happens to those who are slow to adopt new technology?
1)  Your competitors get an advantage.  For example, the country's largest irrigation contractors are adopting software like Service Titan.   It allows them to deliver a superior service experience that generates more referrals and higher billing rates.
2)  Your customers buy technology directly.  More Rain Bird WiFi controls are sold directly to consumers on-line than are sold through pro contractors.  Customers want these "smart home tools" but their contractors aren't offering them.  
Those who don't want things to change end up going the way of the dinosaur.  Get trained on the new technology.  One way or another, you're going to see it in the years ahead. 
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How to Make More Money This Year   
If you want to make more money this season, you'll need to be willing to make changes to how you operate on a daily basis.  You'll need to make proactive improvements in multiple areas of your business.
Change takes work, but it's positive to both your bottom line and the overall health of your business.   Efficiencies you gain now will benefit your company for years to come.
Here are 4 areas to examine to grow your profitability:
1)  Financial tracking.  Conduct reviews of job costing.  Pay attention to labor estimated versus actual labor used.  Excess labor variance is the largest contributor to declining profitability.
2)  Work on company culture.  Improve communication so team members know what to do.  Hold regular weekly field production meetings.  Hold people accountable for results.  Praise in public, coach in private.  Help your team members know what they can do to improve.
3) Change the jobs you pursue.   Get out of the "low-bid" business.  Estimate more and win less.  Standardize your bid process.  Do marketing to current customers to pursue more referrals.
4)  Adjust prices to market rates.   Many contractors have not adjusted prices in the 10-year economic boom.   Price higher to cover higher costs.  Grow your margins.  Great customers don't mind paying higher rates, price shoppers will go elsewhere.
Stand Out from Other Contractors by Promoting Your Company as a Conservation Leader  
Contractors often talk about "standing apart from their competitors" and "providing the best possible service to customers".  

Companies that have a clear vision towards doing things differently stand out in a crowded field of look-alikes.

Take advantage of the opportunity to distinguish your company by promoting water-conserving products to your customers.  If you think of the number of customers you have whose irrigation systems don't meet today's water conserving standards, you've defined a lucrative customer base that can benefit from your expertise.
You need to have an action plan to be successful:
  • Educate yourself and your team members on the technology. Professional Supply offers support to help you get started. 
  • Implement a communications plan to share your expertise and product offering to customers. Use tools like door hangers, tip sheets and a special section on your website 
  • Consistently promote conservation products. Don't expect a single campaign or a sporadic effort to establish your reputation as a market leader
Get Connected to Atlantic's Family of Smart Products
Today's consumers want fingertip control, and Atlantic has got them covered. Keep water clean and clear from any mobile device with the Triton Ionizer, a safe simple device that mineralizes water and controls attached organics. Check conductivity and adjust mineralization levels with the WiFi powered app.
Controlling pumps is just as easy with the TidalWave Variable Speed Controller. Turn on, turn off and vary the output of TT-Series Pumps, from 25% up to full flow, via WiFi. Simply plug a TT-Series pump into the TWVSC and control multiple pumps with a single device, or control a single pump from multiple devices.
Access even more control with the InfiColor Module and App for Atlantic Color Changing Lighting. Select one, two or three zones, in any combination, then create custom colors, combine them in sequences, set transitions and program on/off times, all from your phone.
The Atlantic family of Smart Products - the future is now!
*All Atlantic Apps are available on the App Store and Google Play.

electrical problems with a 2-wire decoder system is significantly more complex than a traditional irrigation system.  

Thanks to Regency Wire and Cable, we have new training videos on troubleshooting 2-wire systems.  They share information helpful to all brands.    Watch the first video on the basics here, then visit their YouTube channel to see the full series.     
Channel and Trench Drains for Any Size Project from NDS
Ready to tackle that drainage project? We're here to help! NDS offers a full line of channel and trench drain systems to capture and convey light, moderate, and heavy sheet flows of surface water runoff.

For residential, commercial, and industrial applications, you'll find proven products, tools, and the support from NDS, the leader in stormwater management, and the largest supplier of channel drains in North America.

Micro Channel™ Drains & Grates
Drain light flows; ideal for pool and spa areas, concrete and paver patios, and walkways
Connect to 1-1/4 in. & 1-1/2 in. Sch. 40 pipes
Channel drain and grate come as one integrated part for easy installation; create custom drainage systems with elbows, tees, outlets, and clean-outs

Slim Channel™ Drains & Grates
Drain light flows; ideal for pool and spa areas, concrete and paver patios, and walkways
Connect to 1-1/2 in. Sch. 40 pipe
Channels, outlets, elbows, tees, and a variety of grates are available individually and as kits which include preassembled channel and grates, outlets, and anchor clips

Mini Channel™ Drains & Grates
Drain light flows; ideal for pool and spa areas, patios, driveways, tennis courts, and walkways
Connect to 2 in. Sch. 40 pipe and fittings with designated outlet; connect to 3 in. and 4 in. sewer and drain pipe with designated spigot adapter
Channels and a variety of grates are available individually; additional components include spigot adapters, outlets, and elbows and tees fabricated with grates

Spee-D® Channel Drains & Grates
Drain light and moderate flows; ideal for driveways, patios, pools, courtyards, and walkways
Connect to 2 in. Sch. 40 pipe fittings, 3 in. sewer and drain pipe, 3 in. & 4 in. sewer and drain fittings
Channels and a variety of grates are available individually and also come preassembled; additional components include outlets, end caps, and elbows, crosses, and tees fabricated with grates

Pro Series Channel™ Drains & Grates
Drain moderate flows; ideal for driveways, concrete and paver patios, courtyards, and walkways
Lightweight channel drain system has a modular design with interlocking joints-no couplings needed
Channels, grates, outlets, elbows, end caps, and other components are available individually; 3 in. Pro Series and 5 in. Pro Series are also available as kits which include, grates, end outlet, & end cap
5 in., 8 in., and 12 in. channels are available in 2 depths-deep for full flows, and shallow for installations with limited profile depth  

Dura Slope™ Trench Drains & Grates
Drain heavy flows; for driveways, parking, warehouses, loading docks, pools, and wash-down areas
Bottom outlet on each channel section connects directly to 4 in. Sch. 40 pipe; connects to 4 in. sewer & drain pipe with outlet adapter
In-line basin outlets to 3 in., 4 in., 6 in., and 8 in. drain pipes with appropriate outlet adapter
Patented pre-sloped design maintains optimum flow rates throughout system
Lightweight modular sections for lower freight costs, easier handling and installation
DuraLoc™ integral tongue-and-groove interlocking joint secures channel alignment; ensures straight runs and prevents joint movement during installation, no extra clamps or screws needed

FILCOTEN® Trench Drains & Grates
Drain heavy flows; ideal for industrial and public areas such as factories, garages, and parking lots
Combination of a stable concrete channel with the strength of fiber-reinforced concrete
Fix-connection snap-on anchoring system with quick-release integral design holds grate in place; anti-sliding lugs secure grate against longitudinal shifting; anti-vandal locking
Anchoring ribs increase exposed surface area for better adhesion to surrounding concrete
Engineered channel interior has a smooth inner surface for optimal flow and self-cleaning
Vertical outlet on every channel
Sealant groove for waterproof installation

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NDS Channel and Trench Drains and Grates

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