November 2013

Do you remember learning that we only use 10% of our brain? That is not true, although some days it may feel like it!


Read our recent post, Brain Building for Innovation, and reboot your understanding of the creative brain.  Learn concrete steps that you can take to grow a more creative brain.  We expect that you will find this information so interesting and useful that you will want to share it with your team, friends and family.   

See below for some more tasty morsels for your innovative brain to feast upon.

Mashup Legos and iCalendar

Go on, admit it, you enjoy playing with Legos. Now there is a practical way for adults to "play" and manage your time better. Does that sound strange to you? Watch this video to learn how.  


Lego calendar by Vitamins
Lego calendar by Vitamins


That's not YOUR job! 

Have you ever said or had said to you, "That's not your responsibility."?  There is a lot of pain associated with that phrase.  Watch this humorous video with its powerful message.


New & Improved: Taking responsibility is critical for innovation leadership 





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