July 8, 2015


Dear Friends of the Meadow,


             I remember all of the years it took to build the Youth for Christ's, Impact and Alive Student Conferences. We were growing in amazing numbers and we were always on the edge of making it financially. About 15 years into this experience, one of my friends gave us a very large financial gift. Her words were, "If I had understood the vision of what God was doing, I would have given the years before." In the midst of living by faith, God has and continues to do amazing work in the lives of so many. My passion for ministry and seeing lives change has never subsided since my humble beginnings with YFC, and upon my retirement from student ministry, I knew I would continue my life's work of sharing, professing, and teaching about the great life-changing love of God. This was the beginning of The Meadow; ministering to a whole other group of people.


            I realize it is sometimes difficult to partner in something that is new and somewhat uncharted but my invitation to you is to help us enter into this very personal spiritual frontier. A place where I'm witnessing a powerful hunger; a hunger for a deeper, richer experience in God's love. One that is free of judgment, condemnation, and personal agendas. A safe and inspiring place where we can find our purpose and identity in Christ. The Meadow has begun a community that finds its common ground in accepting God's great love for us, in helping those who feel they have disappointed God or never measured up, in understanding the freedom of unconditionally loving others, and in reaching out to those who feel alone and abandoned by God. We are sharing God's healing power that changes people's lives, and helping people see that God is always in the midst of life's challenges and triumphs. Our God is always there and He is calling out!




We  are so excited to share where God is leading The Meadow. Our focus has broadened in many directions as we answer the call of providing opportunities for the spiritually hungry!


  •  We are in the second year of the Spiritual Development Forum. A two year, 24 week program that involves, personal experiences, small group discussions, thought provoking exercises, drama, worship arts, and spiritual teachings. Our programs are designed to build a community of people that grow spiritually together and deal with topics that are part of our personal spiritual growth. (The Fall session begins in October and as many new are joining, we invite you also to come and experience the SDF for yourself)
  •  I continue meeting  one-on-one with many on a weekly basis and offer counsel and share the vision of discovering the intense value of knowing God more deeply. This is one of the best parts for me in The Meadow; seeing others blossom and thrive by encouraging others to embrace the love of God.
  •  We hosted our first Spiritual One Day Retreat last spring at Bon Secours with a focus on prayer. Many were so encouraged by this event that we have been asked to host it again at another location. (Date and venue to be announced)

Coming to The Meadow on November 14th is Doug Greenwold. He will be sharing his program entitled Reading between the Lines: Discovering the Rest of the Story. Our plans are to bring speakers and host events throughout the coming year that will enhance our programs developed at The Meadow. Our events are open to the public but we are excited to offer this event to our SDF participants, free of charge.

  •  We began an in-depth view of The Enneagram from a Christian Perspective taught during the SDF by Beverly Gorman. We've had a great interest in digging deeper into the enneagram and Beverly will be sharing her amazing insight during future weekend seminars. We will offer 4 seminars this year and have seen interest from other Christian organizations asking for her to do private seminars as well.
  •  New in August will be our first Podcast with Bob Arnold & Friends. The Meadow is producing several podcasts centering on relevant topics and personal encounters with our God; the God whose love is greater than we can ever imagine.


 Become a part of the upcoming Spiritual Development Forum beginning in October. Details can be found at our website: www.meadow4.org/our-events  DOWNLOAD AN APPLICATION



 Join our new podcast channel starting in August, highlighting many of the topics shared at the Meadow. Sign up and be the first to hear every topic! http://themeadow.podbean.com  


The Meadow is experiencing great encouragement, involvement and witness to the glorious power and presence of our loving God. Lives are changing one by one and those changes are impacting others in Baltimore and around the country. I stand encouraged by the many conversations, emails, phone calls, testimonies and letters that attest to that fact.


Would you join us in our call from God? Over the next three months we will need $30,000 to accomplish the goals set before us. A monthly gift or one time donation would be a great start to empower us to move deeper into what God is doing in our midst! In advance we thank you for your prayers and desire to partner with us.


If you want to hear more about The Meadow or talk about your own spiritual growth, call me at   (443) 425-4729. I'd love hearing from you!


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Loving God, Loving Others, & Sharing the Love of God,

Bob Arnold