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Welcome to spring! This bright, new season has got a lot of us here at WHIRC thinking about growing,  and the do-it-yourself (DIY) gardening projects quickly follow! Amazingly enough, when it comes to home security, that too is becoming a DIY project of sorts, thanks to the DragonFly Security System. 

DragonFly is the new approach to home security that we started offering in December of 2016, and it has exploded in popularity. It takes the physical implementation out of your hands, but still gives you recurring monthly income for each customer you sign up.

While different than the traditional security system approach, the DIY market requires less start-up money and opens you to a new market  you'd otherwise miss out on.

Tech-savvy Millennials are the ones driving this DIY trend as they're becoming more conscious of their spending and rely on DIY projects to save money. 

These young consumers  typically live in rental housing and are looking for alternatives to the more expensive, professionally installed security systems. 

Additionally, millen nials make up the largest untapped market in the security industry, and the on ly way to reach them is through a more affordable security option.

With the DragonFly package, customers are more in control as they can get a live view of their home right on their phone while still having the security of a professionally monitored system.

WHIRC has partnered with DragonFly to offer you a program that requires no staff or product overhead to earn recurring monthly revenue (RMR).

We also have an option for professional installation. DragonFly can be purchased through ADI Distribution, and then sold to your customers. 

So as you start thinking spring, keep DragonFly in mind too. Happy growing!
To learn more about DragonFly visit our website. If you have any questions please contact Cody at (763) 477-3124 or  cdecker@whirc.com

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Looking to enter a new market and expand your dealer network? WHIRC has partnered with DragonFly and entered the DIY security market.

Learn More about why the DIY market is only going to grow and how you can use DragonFly to receive recurring monthly revenue.

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to become part of this new and exciting technology and to be a part of the WHIRC network!

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