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In 2014, Chasons began with a vision from Peter Phong and treasured recipes from Eva Huyunh. Through four long years of painstaking toil and harvesting deliciousness from the fields and oceans to ensure every guests enjoy a taste of happiness, Chasons now needs you more than ever. Will you help support us by bringing your friends and families to Chasons in the month of both May and June? Just dine with us in May and in June.


Shark Tank Entrepreneur Christopher Johnson , tasted Chasons Garlic Butter Crab over a bed of Garlic Noodles, then the Gumbo, then the Jambalaya, then the Lamp Chops, then some more, and the rest was history. We have seen Christopher more than 6 times since, hosting his extended family for Mother's day. "I packed half your restaurant on Mother's Day." A conversation ensued:

"Your food is so good? There should be lines out the door! Why don't people know about you? You are like a hidden secret that needs to be discovered."

We landed a meeting at the corporate offices with Christopher at Rapid Brands . Armed with just a spatula and a recipe to grow, we are here to prove that the love for Chasons is far and wide, deep and high. By seeking his investment, Christopher challenged us to have long lines out the door. Will you help us reach our dream of growing and expanding?

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Faith is our Recipe to Bringing Everyone A Taste of Happiness
One bite, always rite, the rest is the best.
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