July 8, 2019
State Chamber Update
“We’ve seen an almost two-hour movie download in 8.2 seconds and witnessed speeds almost 20 times faster than what you might see on your 4G phone (a 5G peak of 1.8Gbps so far).” 5G, which stands for fifth generation mobile technology, is “an insanely complicated orchestra of towers, nodes, beams and devices, all using radio airwaves all at once.” This is from a recent article in CNet. 5G networks or small hot spots are starting to appear in several cities around the globe, from Los Angeles to Seoul. These new speeds will create new technologies, efficiencies, and experiences that seemed futuristic not too long ago.

The DSCC is doing its part to get broadband to parts of our state that still lack even that capability, and we are making progress. In other places, however, 5G will be the new standard and with it some great opportunities for businesses.
News You Can Use
Consumer credit figures for the month of May are public today, and we’ll hear from Fed Chairman Jerome Powell on Tuesday and Wednesday as he reports to the Senate Banking Committee and then the House Financial Services Committee on the state of the economy. On Thursday, consumer price index (CPI) figures for June become public.
Michael J. Quaranta
Delaware State Chamber of Commerce
Fenwick Float-ors is a great shopping adventure for the whole family! Filled with name brands and unique finds. Their store is conveniently located 3 miles west of Fenwick Island, Delaware on Route 54 (Lighthouse Road).
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