October 2020 | Issue 4 GrowingClimateSolutions.org
Glance in the Rearview, Full Speed Ahead
At the beginning of our second year, we take a moment to look back on what we’ve accomplished and where we go next.

The Rearview - For the past year, Growing Climate Solutions: Path to Positive SWFL worked to forge a network of highly-respected community leaders from business, faith, health, civic, education, and media sectors to engage in climate communications and lead on climate action. During the early months, we reached out to engage companies, institutions and civic organizations in our Leadership Circle.  Read More
Full Speed Ahead - Our Year Two plans start with a focus to garner broad community support for the formal establishment of a Southwest Florida Resiliency Compact and to develop more channels to deliver impactful climate education programing.  Our growing network of Leadership Circle Partners is an important component of each objective.  Read More
Hurricane Season

The first week of September is the peak of hurricane season, and this year we are nearing the end of the alphabet, with Tropical Storm Vicki named September 14. The trend toward more rapid storm intensification means we need to stay prepared all season, as the lead time from topical storm to major hurricane can be unexpectedly short.
Upcoming Training

Join us on October 20th, 4:00-5:30, for "Solutions for Our Changing Climate." The session hosted by our ecoAmerica Partner will provide an overview of how our changing climate impacts our health, our wallets and our future. It will also introduce positive climate solutions that are available and underway on a personal and community level, and train you to effectively engage others in climate conversations. A virtual "happy hour" will follow based on participant interest.

Register on the Website's Event Page.
Living Greener
Think Deeper
Thoughts from Regional Director
Dr. Ana Puszkin-Chevlin
Where We Work
Over the Labor Day weekend I pondered how the type and quality of employees' work environment can materially improve not just the quality of life, but also have a lighter footprint on the built and natural environment. COVID19 relocated many workers to their kitchen tables, reducing commutes, but also changing the landscape of the commercial real estate market, and possibly the geography of talent pools across the country. Read More
Website Highlights

There is a lot going on!! We've picked some recent articles, including two demonstrating corporate commitments on climate and one that will make you think about where to buy real estate in the future.