I’m having a lot of those moments lately where the grass looks greener on the other side of the street. I know it’s not a good thing to do, but sometimes it’s fun to imagine yourself in a different apartment, town or city! 

As I’m starting to grow up (finally), I find my interests are pulling me away from the city and I think I’ve been trying to fight the current instead of going with it. To make a baby-step towards bigger change, I decided to go blonde and see if they actually do have more fun - I’ll report back on if that’s true in next monthly newsletters :) 

To see if the grass is actually greener on the other side, Coal and I hit the road! Visiting friends and family all over Ontario, and checking out all the little towns. (Kenora, ON is so friggin cute!) Currently in Brandon, MB visiting grandma Mimi, but in a few short moments we’ll be making our way back to Toronto! Not at all hurrying though ;) 

Give us a wave if you see us in your town looking for the Starbucks ;) 


Patrick's Promo
Mother's Day has come and gone. Now it's time to show the fathers some love. We have decided to have another print sale.

From May 19th to June 19th all prints are 50% off. There's no limit restriction on how many you can buy. Use promo code MAY50 at check out.

*only available for prints that are in stock. $75 minimum required
Product Alert
You've asked for it and we've heard you. The OG Patrick Hunter Feather Mugs are back and we are selling them at the same OG price of $20.

They hold half a bottle of wine or a whole tall boy. Just in time for those summer nights in the backyard or hanging at the cottage.

We have plenty in stock. Grab yours now.
What We've Been Up To
Last year Patrick was the recipient of Pow Wow Pitch's Award. This year he is the artist in residence. 10 lucky winners will receive a framed print of Patrick's print "Red Rising". On top of that Sapling and Flint will be gifting pins to go along with the award that was inspired by Patrick's piece.

This isn't the first time that Patrick's work has been used as an award. Feel free to reach out, if you would also like to use Patrick's artwork as an award for any occasion.
The weather is getting gorgeous. Many of us are planning trips to the cottage or have plans to go camping. Level up your portaging game and grab one of these limited edition Patrick Hunter paddles.

A portion of the proceeds will go to Patrick's workshop initiative where he provides new generations the confidence they need to pursue their own creative paths.
Sticking with the spirit of giving and community. Patrick donated 10 of his signature feather paintings to our furry little friends. Money raised went to help build a new dog park in Red Lake where he's from.
Patrick spent 2 weeks in April creating this amazing piece for Manualife's legacy space. What's even more amazing is this is only half of the painting. Fellow Indigenous artist Blake Angeconeb has created the second half. Both paintings will be joined at the sun.

Move over BFF heart necklaces, we can't wait to see the other half. Stay tuned to Patrick's socials to get your peek.
Keep Your Eyes Open For
We are kicking off the festival season next week at Harboufront's Junior Festival. Come visit us May 21, 22 and 23. Hours are from 11-6 Saturday and Sunday, 11-5 on Monday.

Come say hello and take advantage of some great deals.
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