November 8th, 2018
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Growing Native  is a four-part series focusing on reclaiming traditional knowledge and food ways to address critical issues of health and wellness, the environment and human rights. Growing Native will focus on Tribes, stories and events from four geographic regions, including Alaska, Oklahoma and Northwest and Great Lakes regions. Across the country, Native people are regaining health and strength through the recovery and revitalization of traditional knowledge systems of land, language, traditional arts and health.

Northwest: Coast Salish - From totem poles, to language revitalization and traditional agriculture, host Chris Eyre (Cheyenne Arapaho) discovers the resilience of the
Coast Salish Tribes of the Pacific Northwest. The tribes unite each summer to celebrate their connection to the water through the annual Canoe Journey. Experience both traditional and contemporary arts, and meet the team that are bringing Camas back to harvest.

Alaska: People of the North  All across Alaska, Native cultures have depended on the abundant natural resources found there to support their families, cultures and way of life. Now these resources are growing scarce, and the people who have relied on them for centuries have to find new ways to adapt. Growing Native visits some of the many communities engaged in this familiar struggle--the struggle to maintain their traditions and way of life, while continuing to prosper in a constantly changing world. Host Chris Eyre (Cheyenne Arapaho) meets Alaska Natives who thrive and survive in this complex environment.
Great Lakes: Turtle Island - The Great Lakes and connecting waterways have remained the center of traditional and contemporary economies for centuries. Meet the Ojibwe and a tribe that was relocated to this region-- the Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin who care for these lands. Natural resources are the Tribes' main economy, including the famous Red Lake walleye and wild rice lakes. Growing Native host Stacey Thunder (Red Lake and Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe) guides this journey by engaging tribal voices while touring Indian Country with those who devote their lives to caring for the land.
Oklahoma: Red People - Oklahoma is home to thirty-nine federally recognized tribes. Nowhere in North America will you find such diversity among Native Peoples, and nowhere will you find a more tragic history. Host Moses Brings Plenty (Oglala Lakota) guides this episode of Growing Native on a journey through Oklahoma's past and present. What he discovers among the many faces of Oklahoma culture is the determination, valu es and respect that tribes have brought to this land, once called Indian Territory.
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