Church of the Holy Comforter | Vienna, VA
Capital Campaign Logo
In honor and celebration of Holy Comforter’s 125th Anniversary you have been asked to join our Capital Campaign, with a participation goal of 125 individuals and families. 109 families and individuals have made a pledge and/or gift and we are 87% toward our participation goal of 125. Currently we have received gifts and pledges of $1,099,825, which is $150,175 short of our need! We welcome all gifts!!
As of now, we have not reached our expressed need of $1,250,000 and, currently, we would not be able to fund all four of the priorities that have been proposed, unless we have a commitment from those who have not yet pledged. For those that have not yet joined our Campaign, we need your pledge now!
We plan on finalizing the pledging portion of our Campaign by September 15. As a reminder, gifts to the Campaign can be paid over the next three years.

Many have asked about the prioritizing and timing of these projects.
The Finance Committee and Vestry will be waiting on the outcome of the pledge portion of the Campaign to determine which project(s) will be able to be funded and when. More information will be provided to you at that time.

For that reason, it is important that we receive your pledge by September 15.  

Based on the Feasibility Study conducted this past spring, the following projects are in the indicated order of priority: 

  • Priority #1: Debt Retirement
  • Priority #2: Solarization of the Campus
  • Priority #3: Relocation and Enhancement of the Choir Room
  • Priority #4: Stewardship of the Campus / Campus Improvements

It is our prayer that we will be able to move forward on all four projects, but, again, that will be dependent on total pledges to this campaign.
Project start dates will be based on total pledges received and when gifts will be made over the next three years. 
Our Prayer
Holy Comforter, you call us into friendship and shared ministry in Christ. You
remind us of our many gifts and that we are blessed by you to be a blessing. Help us to further strengthen this parish through our giving, so that we may
be better servants of your love in all that you do. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.
Your Campaign Team,

Jason Crum, Kari Govan, David Grove, Kevin Reynolds, and Jon Strand+
Kirby Smith Associates: Rachel Musser, Richie Musser, and Sarah Teichmann
Those who have already graciously given to the Campaign:
Anonymous donor
Margaret Bain
Susan Baker
Debbie & Dick Banks
Matt & Gini Barazia
Bryan & Mary Ann Barton
Spike Behning & Christine Doyle
Dallas & Gayle Bethea
Ashley Boam
Douglas & Judith Bowers
Michael & Stacey Brahmey
Kim Brailey
Kip Brailey
Lynne Brents
Christopher & Nancy Bright
Dan Brinza
Christine Brooks
Peter Brownrigg
Bob & Pat Bruce
Ann Buxton
Louisa Campbell
Lorica & Nicola Cassis
Ann & George Cassis
Casey & Harriet Church
Chuck & Jill Clopton
MaryJane & Ted Cochrane
Jon & Margy Collom
Winifred Conkling & Jonathan Rak
Frank & Liz Coulter
Jay & Shelia Creswell
Jason & Kerry Crum
Bill & Claudia DeCicco
Daniel & Susan Dent
Bob & Sherryl Dorch
Peter Eareckson & Susan Bathke
Mark & Patty Esswein
Jeanne Firey
Judie Fister
Barbara & Richard Fitzsimmons
Cameron Fraser & Laurie Hall
Scott & Suzie Garrod
Dan & Kari Govan
Charles & Karen Graybeal
David & Maggie Grove
Danny Hall
Mitzi & Roman Halla
Dennis & Morgan Hanzlik
Ashley Harper
Dan & Zara Harris
Luke & Emily Harris
Wesley Harrison
Larry Hough
Max & Polly Johnson
Chris Jones
David & Kathleen Kelley
Kamran & Linda Khan
Byron & Mary Knight
Brian & Ellen Land
Joni & Don Langevoort
Alan & Lynne Lawhead
Councill & Lisa Leak
Christopher & Phyllis Brennan Lee
Catherine Lincoln
Bill & Katherine Longhi
Alexandra & Tom MacCracken
Brian & Linda Lee Malone
Randy & Susan McGuire
Denis & Valerie McMullan
Val McWhorter
Jim & Joanne Menke
Corinne Mertes
Helen & John Mertz
Peggy Miller
Lolly Mixter
Sheri Mural & Jack Callendar
Bill & Linda Murray
Anita & Barry New
Mary Obaidy
Brady O'Beirne
Brian & Luanne Obert
Lillian O'Connell
Joe Paulini & Kathy DeSanti-Paulini
Laurie & Mark Pedry
Julia Pierce
Holy Comforter Preschool & Kindergarten
Amanda Rayborn
Kevin & Stacey Reynolds
Marj & Tom Riley
Pat & Gary Ritter
Jennifer & Mark Schmitt
Ann Sherwood
Allison & Scott Shimooka
Dean & Tamera Siminow
Sue Sottile
Adrienne Stefan
Don & Dottie Stone
Paul & Betty Stone
Beth & Jon Strand
Frances Sullinger
Frank & Theresa Sutton
Jackie & Barney Thomson
Sandy Titus
Christa & Russ van der Veer
Vickie Viets
John & Sheryl Watson
Don & Anita Webster
Randy & Jo Ann Weinhardt
Norma Williamson
Tom & Gretchen Willis
Sandra Wilson
Dave & Lisa Wood
Doug Yon
Ellen & John Zebatto
David & Shirley Zech