Church of the Holy Comforter | Vienna, VA
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Dear Holy Comforter Family, 

Thanks to your generosity with our recent successful Capital Campaign we have been addressing the areas prioritized. We have already been able to reduce our debt now to $450K (from $800K), and we are working on the plans towards a choir room which may face unexpected additional costs due to county requirements. There is still time to give to the campaign HERE, as we are close to our $1.25 million goal for 125 years of ministry at Holy Comforter. 

Our solarizing team has come to clarity on our needs for a solar installation. We have vetted multiple installers and are getting close to having a commitment to move forward with our project. 

In order to ultimately meet our goal of 100% of electrical production, we realized that it would be necessary to install panels on a carport along with our roofs. It may be that we can accomplish 100% of our electrical needs with a carport structure, but most likely it would be through a 2-part process involving a carport (80% electrical capacity) and the roofs (20% electrical capacity). 

We are hopeful that the Inflation Reduction Act will also offset 30% of the total costs but we don’t yet know the full details of the act yet.  

Below are some mock-ups of what a solar carport might look like when installed into our lower parking area (and no, you don’t all have to drive white vans!). 

With enthusiasm, 

Solarizing Mockup
Solarizing Mockup
Solarizing Mockup