We at CL are forever wondering how the world, workplaces, and we as individuals could be different, better even. In this month's newsletter we reexamine our habits at work and in life, explore inclusion and leadership, and invite you to join us for some fabulous upcoming workshops in The Meadow.

Chantal considers whether one's "edge" might do more harm than good and asks us to "wonder about the false idols we worship that aren’t actually saving our souls but are weighing us down."

Kathrin reflects on the limits of a "fix it fast" mindset and offers three steps for moving from problem-solving to possibility.
“The world demands that all leaders be inclusive leaders. If we’re not leading inclusively, we’re really not leading in some crucial dimension.”

CL colleague and founder of Flourishing Gays Dominic Longo joined Wendy for an exploration of the separation of leadership development and DEI in companies and what combining those efforts might enable. Listen here.
Marco Valente hosts this a 90-minute fireside chat with Adam Kahane on his new book, FACILITATING BREAKTHROUGH: How to Remove Obstacles, Bridge Differences, and Move Forward Together.

Registration includes a PDF version of the book.
3 - 24 November

Learn to tap into your wisdom and anchor yourself in your purpose as you transition into, through, or out of early adulthood. This offering will catalyze new ways of being and seeing by equipping you with powerful tools to:
  • Navigate transitions through school, life, and career
  • Learn how to show up and thrive in different contexts
  • Deeply make sense of different perspectives
  • Gain confidence and clarity about who you are and what you offer
12 November & 14 November

Join Dominic Longo, Akasha, and Rebecca Scott for this free interactive session exploring the territory where personal growth and leadership development intersect with gender identity and sexual orientation. For this event, coaches and leadership development practitioners invite gay, bi, and queer men whom they already know from their own personal and professional lives to join them for 90 minutes of sharing and learning.
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