May 21, 2014
GG Team: Genevieve, Terry, and Cathy
The GG Team
We have been talking a lot about organizational health, prompted by Patrick Lencioni's new book The Advantage.  Below, find Cathy's take on organizational health, Terry's take on transparency, and a review of The Advantage by Genevieve. Also, check out the "HR Corner" below for answers to recent client questions about human resources in California.  

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Got Questions? Try Coaching!

In this world of video chat, coaching has become a terrific way to access real-time input from Global Genesis.  This is a great way to further develop skills you may have learned in World Class Negotiations, to enhance your own leadership development, or to answer urgent questions about organizational or team development. 


In particular, Terry has been coaching by skype with clients world wide.  Email Terry if you would like to consider coaching yourself! 


Organizational Health
The Foundation of Employee Satisfaction: Organizational Health
Cathy Taylor

Organizational health encompasses the organization in its entirety, its people, systems, assets and many other components.  At every organization's core are its people - its good employees.  But what is a "good" employee?  One that performs, follows directives, interacts well with others, is motivated, accountable...the list goes on.  


After observing organizational behavior for many years, I've come to the conclusion that an employee will "optimize" and stay with an organization if three conditions are met:  1) they feel valued; 2) they feel respected; and 3) they feel fulfilled


If any of these are missing, the organization is missing out.  

Read more on The HR Blog.

Growing Transparency
Keys to Growing Transparency
Terry Taylor


Over the course of many conversations about transparency, I have come up with two reasons for why there is hesitancy on this topic: 


1) People don't feel as though they can "do it" on their own. In other words, if someone acts from a transparent base, they often look to others to join them and are sadly disappointed when it doesn't happen; there are few things worse than to look around and find that no one is standing beside or behind you.  


2) There is a subtle belief that while transparency could change things for the better, it most likely won't change things at all. Things are just too complicated and beyond our control, so why take the risk? 


A general shared feeling is that no matter what we do, we can't really make a difference.  Read more to learn about some keys to growing transparency...


HR Corner by Golden State HR

Following are answers to some questions we have been fielding lately about HR in California: 


1.  How are leaves of absence in California different from the Federal FMLA?


There are 15 types of leaves of absence allowable in California.  The requirements of each vary in terms of duration, eligibility, employers who are effected and procedures.  Some may run concurrent to other leaves and FMLA, but others do not.  For example, it is possible for a woman who has gone through pregnancy and childbirth to be eligible for up to 7 months of protected leave.  When an employee requests time off, be sure to check and see if it would be covered under one or more leaves.  You may want to consult an expert.


2.  I have an employee who just called and quit out of the blue.  Can I just wait until our regular payday to provide a final check?


No, as a rule of thumb, you should provide the California employee a final paycheck on their last situations where an employee quits without giving 72 hours notice, you have up to 72 hours to provide their final pay.


3. Employers commonly use "non compete" agreements to prevent employees from leaving and taking jobs with competitors within a specified time period. Does California allow this?


No, generally speaking, non-compete agreements are unenforceable in California.


Do you have questions about Human Resources issues in California? Email Cathy for assistance!

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Review & Synopsis of
The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni
Genevieve Taylor


The Advantage took all of us at Global Genesis by storm. Since reading it, I have since referred many clients and consultants to it, have used it or referred to it in almost every client engagement since, and am looking forward to incorporating it in my client work as I move forward.


Why? Because Patrick Lencioni (who is known best for his "business fables" in books like The Five Dysfunctions of a Team) did a fabulous job of synthesizing - and really renewing  - work that has been lynch pins of organizational development for decades.


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