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October 2017

Summer's come and gone. The shift in seasons brings a change in routines. Meals become a little hardier. Yard work kicks into high gear. October starts a new 4-H year. And it's time for Extension Council elections.

In this issue of Knowledge for Life, county agents have written several articles to help ease you into the autumn transition.

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Foods for the Fall Season
Fall is here and with it comes beauty -- weather, leaves and the promise of holidays. What better way to herald the season than with winter squash. One of the few produce native to the United States, squash offers a bounty of nutrition and comfy goodness for those chilly autumn evenings. Enjoy these tips and recipes.
Insect Move Indoors in the Fall
As the weather continues to cool, insects are starting to view your home as an ideal place to stay. Boxelder bugs, Asian lady beetles, crickets and spiders are a few of the creatures looking to join you for winter. Here's how you can secure your home from a fall invasion.
Growing Grass in the Shade
For anyone wanting a lush green lawn, dealing with shade is a pain. Shade limits grass' ability to make food and energy. As a result shaded areas thin out leaving bare soil. While there is no quick or easy fix here are a few ideas to try in your yard.
Composting Made Simple
Falling leaves makes now an excellent time to start a compost bin. The two main reasons for composting failure:
  1. lack of moisture, and
  2. not enough nitrogen.
Extension has a number of great resources for success. Learn how you can solve composting issues with just a couple of quick fixes.
October is Best Time to Control Weeds
Summer rains have been great for our lawns and gardens but also for pesky weeds. Spring flowering weeds such as dandelions, henbit and chickweed start to grow in the fall, waiting to burst into color in spring.  Fall is the best time to eliminate most lawn weeds. We tell you how here.
Peonies: The Ultimate Pass-along Plant
Almost every gardener has a pass-along plant. Whether it came from a neighbor, friend or beloved relative, pass-along plants are plants freely given from one person to another. Because of peonies' longevity, they are the ultimate pass-along plant. Here are tips for creating your own memories with peonies.
October 10 -- 9a - 6p
Extension Council Elections
Once again it is coming up on election time. The Johnson County Extension Council elections will take place at our office. Program Development Committees are strong supporters of Extension within the community and work closely with agents to help develop future programming ideas within the county. I hope you will support your candidates and vote on October 10.
October 2 -- 4-H enrollment begins
New 4-H Year Starts

Classes & Events
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