Medical Marijuana - 
An Opportunity for Modular Construction Dealers
The legal marijuana market is booming. In 2016, the North American market posted $6.7 billion in sales, a rise of 30 percent over the previous year per a report from ArcView Market Research. By 2021, the market is projected to be worth $20.2 billion.
That makes legal marijuana the fastest growing industry in the country.
"Modular buildings offer marijuana growers many advantages because speed and flexibility are critical factors. The industry is still in its infancy, and I see that dealers who can put together a complete package for grow room investors have a great competitive advantage."  
-      Mark Worth, Starrco Territory Manager
Speed is important to investors who have spent months, if not years, navigating complex permit and other regulatory requirements. Once a grower has the go-ahead to begin production, choosing Starrco modular construction means getting to market 75 percent faster than if they went the conventional route.
In a fast-changing market, growers need to react quickly. When it is time to expand production, modular construction gives growers a competitive edge.
Starrco's modular buildings can be extended or reconfigured simply by rearranging the panels. Uptime is protected and the disruption, reconstruction costs and waste of conventional construction practices are avoided.
Why do marijuana growers need environmentally controlled grow rooms?
Medical marijuana is grown in controlled environments to prevent contamination from fungus and other pollutants that could cause adverse reactions in people with compromised immune systems or who are otherwise unwell.
By controlling light, humidity and other climatic factors, plants can be grown in conditions that lead to maximum yields year round.
Grow rooms are multi-room projects
These projects usually include multiple spaces with different environmental needs:
  • There is air-conditioned space for receptionists, offices and security stations. 
  • Most projects have multiple grow room spaces because plants need different climatic conditions as they mature.
  • Rooms are also needed for trimming, cutting, collecting seeds, and packaging the product.
Some essential Starrco features:
  • Humidity and water resistant surfaces are easy to keep clean.
  • Non-shedding surfaces prevent contamination by flaking particles.
  • Air-circulating plenums are designed to work with a specified environmental control system.
  • Aluminum studs are non-corrosive, non-combustible and don't attract insects.
  • Ceilings are strong enough to support marijuana lighting and rack systems.
Where is marijuana legal?
The blue-colored states have legalized medical marijuana growers or dispensaries. Laws vary widely in terms of use and even the number of plants growers can cultivate .

Marijuana legalized for both medical and recreational use are colored green. Laws vary considerably from place to place.

Farewell friend  
It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to Dale Sample, Starrco's director of operations and quality. Dale passed away suddenly in June. He was 71 and is survived by his wife Kathy.
Dale worked with us at Starrco for six years. He brought a can-do attitude and a wealth of knowledge to everything he touched. He was a veteran of the US Navy and dedicated most of his civilian working life to manufacturing.
Dale's legacy at Starrco, which includes too many achievements to list, includes operational improvement and the automation of our manufacturing processes. His support for the Chicago Blackhawks endured despite being surrounded by fans of the St. Louis Blues.
"Dale, we miss you. Go Blackhawks."
About Starrco
At Starrco, everything we do is designed with uptime in mind - from the initial quote to the final installation. We make sure all the pieces come together with precision and personable customer service. With our modular pre-engineered systems, we are proud to offer a clean, expedient and high-quality solution that revolutionizes the concept of construction.
In addition to pre-engineered modular offices, we manufacture cleanroom wall systems, floor-to-ceiling interior wall partitions, Starrguard safety guard rail systems, and pre-assembled portable offices.