Greetings Nevada Coalition,

We'd like to extend huge gratitude to Doug Erwin of Growth Pioneers Podcast for featuring Sierra Psychedelic Society and Nevada Coalition for Psychedelic Medicines on this most recent episode! 

Doug Erwin is well-loved and greatly appreciated in our community for his work over the years with Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada, Entrepreneurs Organization, TEDx Reno, Discovery Museum and Reno Arts and Culture Commission. He has helped change the perception of Reno and lay the foundation for future generations of entrepreneurs to thrive in our region. Doug brings this breadth of experience to Growth Pioneers, which is a wide-ranging podcast that explores what it takes to build resilient communities, companies and lives.

We are extremely honored and deeply grateful for Doug's interest and well-informed discourse on the topic of psychedelic medicines and their healing potential. Click the links below to listen to this powerful conversation about advocating for psychedelic medicine, the neuroscience behind the healing properties, and benefits for first responders and veterans. Doug Erwin and Kate Cotter also dive deep into the importance of education and integration, as well as the current state of policy in Nevada regarding SB242.

Thank you, Doug, for the work you are doing, and we extend gratitude to this Coalition for your enduring support as we endeavor to broaden the conversation around healing and psychedelic medicines!

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As for the latest on SB242, we are still lobbying hard as we await the Senate vote and will keep you posted as the process unfolds. In the meantime, we are excited to announce that Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP) has endorsed SB242! We invite you to read this compelling article: "Nevada should take thoughtful approach to psychedelic therapies," authored by Diane Goldstein on behalf of The Nevada Independent.

Nevada should take thoughtful approach to psychedelic therapies

We owe it to ourselves to advance this conversation in Nevada. SB242 will make our communities safer by taking a step forward to understand how psychedelic treatments can alleviate the dual crises of mental health and substance use that destroy so many lives.

Read the article here.

In other news, this excellent article, "Psilocybin offers a path to improved mental health for Nevadans and Nevada's veterans," written by Eduardo Martinez, was just published in the Reno Gazette Journal. Eduardo is a Marine Corps Veteran and lobbyist working with the Nevada Coalition for Psychedelic Medicines, and we are so grateful for the incredible amount of work he has been putting forth this session to advance the cause!

Psilocybin offers a path to improved mental health for Nevadans and Nevada's veterans

Numerous studies have shown that psilocybin can help our veterans who suffer from treatment-resistant depression, anxiety or PTSD because of their service. As we work to address our state’s challenges with mental health, we also shouldn’t limit this potentially lifesaving substance to only veterans. 

Read the article here.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to support the effort, and to all who are spreading the word--your financial contributions are making a huge difference and we continue to need your support now more than ever! You can also help by spreading the word and forwarding this email to others who may be interested in learning about Nevada Coalition for Psychedelic Medicines.

Thank you for your willingness, dedication, and participation in this growing movement. Our Coalition is growing exponentially, and we are grateful to be connected with each and every one of you!

In gratitude,

The NCPM Team



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