• The team have strong expertise in identifying the best sites now, from a grid and footfall perspective, coupled with know-how in delivering grid connected projects through past management of high voltage and fibre optic cable networks as well as civil, electrical and mechanical contracts.
  • Site identification, due diligence and offers to secure best sites are the driving force behind a land grab, followed by rapid deployment of EV charge points to gain competitive advantage and first revenues.
  • Capital light business with income growth from charging, plus a share of electricity sales and upside from providing ancillary data services to National Grid.
  • Positioning the brand as a leading EV charging network in Scotland will enable an attractive acquisition target in four-five years.
  • Multiple financial and other incentives exist in Scotland to invest in the EV sector (compared to the rest of the UK), linked to a significant need for more off-street charging assets.
The current funding round will enable the project pipeline to be implemented and accelerate acquisition of leased land on host sites with recognised footfall and full grid connection assets.