January 2020
We finished compiling the records for 2019 and have incorporated them here on our growth chart.  We thank God when we see these numbers because we realize all of this is happening through His provision. As you can see, the program is continuing to grow exponentially - last year over a quarter of a million kids participated in the program! Through the help of donors like you, we are able to supply funds for Peer Educator (teacher/leader) transport, meals, training, t-shirts & caps, Reach4Life Bibles and other ministry expenses, as well as support for Thandy and two program helpers. We assist in obtaining and developing training materials that prepare program workers for teaching in schools, prisons, churches, and small groups, including how to keep records on the work that is being done. We also take teams to Africa to participate in the ministry every two years.

We (Prevention TIme) are an American 501(c)3 nonprofit that is supporting the ministry in Africa through Phakama Africa Community Projects (Phakama), the South African organization carrying out the Reach4Life program. Thandeka (Thandy) KaMavundla-Nzama directs the program. The word "Phakama" means "rise up."  Work is being done in South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Lesotho, and small groups are also starting in Botswana and Zimbabwe. Requests for the program in more schools and prisons are being made by the Department of Education and Department of Correctional Services. Many more people are eager to join the ministry but currently, funds are being stretched beyond actual expenses, by workers sharing what they have. However, we would like to increase our funding so that more people can participate. If you would like to join with us in reaching many kids with the gospel, you can do that by visiting the  donate page on our website. And for the R4L workers in Africa who get this newsletter, we're praying for you and we thank you for your hard work and dedication.  God bless you!


Because the ministry is expanding not only in numbers, but also geographically, it's become impossible for Thandy to reach every location personally. So this month, a training was held in Johannesburg for sixty five area coordinators from four countries. These coordinators are already overseeing teams of Peer Educators and were chosen based on their R4L ministry experience, passion, administrative skills and commitment. Prevention Time worked together with Thandy to create a manual that lays out the qualifications for coordinators; the responsibilities of Peer Educators, volunteers, and foxes (high school kids teaching groups of young kids); how to manage time effectively; and how to train new people for the ministry. Procedures were laid out in this manual so that everyone would be following the same guidelines and carrying out the program and trainings in a consistent way.  They were also given administration packets containing forms, commitment cards, and other items needed to help with administrative details.

Zama (blue shirt), Mildrand and Centurion Coordinator says "I am blown away by the experience, the passion and the love of ministry these guys have. I am new in the team. I started last year late, I can not explain the commitment these guys have, this is like a Great Commission military camp. They take what they do seriously, they live to spread the Gospel from the Director, coordinator, peer educators and foxes. I am inspired as a new coordinator and I am learning the importance of serving the Lord with excellency and integrity. Reach4Life is an amazing program that I believe the Lord is using to bring youth to Christ."

Thomas Mkhize, Nanda Coordinator says, "This is my fifth year doing R4L and my 3rd year as a Coordinator, I have grown a lot in my role. Admin is one hard thing to do in our culture as people arrive late in meetings and recording anything in writing is a struggle. But my team has improved greatly and we have learned the importance of record keeping and it's helping us beyond the R4L program. I have taught my pastor and other church leaders in my church to have a membership register and to record marriages, deaths and baptisms, something we did not do before until I learned in R4L the importance of accountability. We love Reach4Life." (The 2018 mission team members will remember that we were with Thomas in Durban and saw him in action!) 

Sandile Hlongwa, Ndwedwe Coordinator says "I was born and raised in a deep rural village at Msinga, my life was a mess from an early age. I committed a terrible crime which landed me in prison for 8 years. Lost years of my youth. While in prison I received a R4L book and a Peer Educator came once a week to teach us the Bible, I gave my life to Jesus and decided to serve the Lord when I had served my sentence. I located a R4L team in Ladysmith Kwahlathi and I was trained in 2015 as a Peer Educator. I found brothers and sisters who welcomed and loved me. They are passionate about God's work. My life has been impacted forever by the R4L Program. Now I am married and my wife is a Peer Educator too and we are growing together in the Lord. From a mud hut, then prison to knowing Christ and today I am an ordained pastor, it all started when I read the R4L book in my prison cell. Those who support us must know that we pray and thank God for all of you for being part of this life changing Program."  (We at Prevention Time thank all of our supporters, too!)

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