Life Science Nation Newsletter  | July 20,  2017  |  Issue 223

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Life Science Investor Mandates (July 13  - July 19)
Creates Innovation Unit to Invest in New Solutions for Skin Diseases
Invests in Early Stage Biotech and Devices
Looks Globally for Precision Medicine Opportunities
Looks Overseas for Pharma, Device and Home Healthcare Innovations
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Growth of An Early Stage Phenomenon: Four Years of RESI in Boston
By Natasha Eldridge, RESI Conference Manager, LSN

The first RESI event ever was held in Boston in 2013, with the goal of bringing the startups and the investors that LSN already worked with together for face to face meetings between parties who would be a good fit for each other's business. From that seed, RESI has grown beyond all our expectations. We quickly outgrew beyond the capacity of our original RESI venue at the State Room - and our next venue at Fenway Park! With RESI's 4th anniversary approaching, we can show you how the previous RESI Boston events kept getting bigger and bigger - and we expect the September 26th event to be larger yet, with more opportunities to meet with investors and form key relationships that will get new healthcare products to market.

The sheer number of attendees at our annual RESI Boston fall event keeps climbing. Alongside the rise in total attendees, the number of investor attendees has also kept increasing to keep pace...

By Cole Bunn, Senior Research Analyst, LSN

As the RESI San Diego event is now in the rearview mirror and we prepare to bring RESI home to Boston (Sept. 26th), we wanted to take a closer look at the Medtech Family Office panel session. Family offices are clearly a highly sought-after investor class and are not completely understood by a large portion of entrepreneurs. To that end, we've pulled out some of most insightful points that were discussed and distilled the panel session into this summary video to help shed some light on how family offices evaluate early-stage investments, how to reach them and what differentiates them from VCs and other early-stage investors.

Family offices are not a silver bullet for your financing needs

A lot of entrepreneurs mistakenly believe that finding a family office will solve all their fundraising woes i.e. long-term investors with less rigid requirements. While it is true that family offices tend to be more patient capital and more flexible with terms and deal structures (a result of not having to answer to LPs), these groups are in fact looking for...

By Michael Quigley, VP of Investor Research, LSN

Earlier this year the FDA announced its plans to develop a Digital Health unit comprised of 13 engineers and experts in the digital health world, with the goal of restructuring the FDA's assessment of digital health completely, making the process for approval more streamlined for new technologies. This announcement follows a trend of easing on regulations for medical software, as last summer the FDA announced that it would not be regulating fitness trackers and mobile apps.

Fitness apps are really just the tip of the iceberg. Things get much more difficult when you begin to evaluate the clinical validity of a constantly changing algorithm that sorts through streams of medical data to diagnose or recommend treatment options. Currently the FDA's regulatory process is centered around consistency and reproducibility of results. In order to accommodate these new technologies, the FDA too must adapt...