This or That in Georgetown, KY
Georgetown is all about choices, whether you’re visiting for the day or vacationing over a long weekend. Bourbon or brews? History or contemporary? Dinner or dessert? In town or out in the country? Will it be this, that or all of the above?
If These Buildings Could Talk...
If Georgetown's historic buildings could talk, you'd hear stories of disasters, startups and scandals. But since brick walls aren't too chatty, we found someone who can talk for them.
Georgetown's Biggest Fan
We have a lot of amazing community members here in Georgetown, but some go above and beyond to help promote our home in the Bluegrass. Check out some great tips from a local who loves to share!
Small Meeting & Event Guide
With nearly two dozen unique venues, Georgetown, KY serves the small meeting, reunion and wedding markets like a champ in a community known for its small-town hospitality, horsey attractions and picturesque Victorian downtown.
Your Home Base In The Bluegrass
Whether planning a staycation, workcation or midway stop as part of a longer vacation, Georgetown, Kentucky’s Horse Headquarters, is an appealing and convenient homebase for day-tripping to regional attractions.
Stamping Ground: A Friend In Deed
When a category EF1 tornado touched down in Stamping Ground on Dec. 6, bringing with it 95-mile-an-hour winds and hitting Stamping Ground Parker’s Mobile Home Park particularly hard, this tiny town of less than 800 sprang into action.
House On Main & Rucker House
Guests arriving on the doorstep of the House on Main or the Rucker House travel back in time 150 years when Scott County was busy making a name for itself in hemp production, an industry established the century before by Reverend Elijah Craig, and once Kentucky’s largest cash crop.
Elizabeth's Tees
Be Savage/Never Average. Not Bossy/Aggressively Helpful. Kentucky Original. Whatever you want to tell the world, Elizabeth Emonds can help you say it, in style. All Elizabeth Tee’s are 100 percent customizable, including the color and style of the shirt, sweatshirts included.
Georgetown/Scott County Tourism
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