Guaranteed Admissions Program
Trinity High School and Misericordia University
Misericordia University a nd Trinity High School have partnered on an admissions agreement guaranteeing qualified Trinity graduates admission and a four-year renewable scholarship to the university's undergraduate and entry-level programs, including Doctor of Physical Therapy, Master of Speech-Language Pathology, and Doctor of Occupational Therapy.

“We are excited to be among Trinity High School’s very first partners in creating this innovative student opportunity. The mission and values of Trinity align extremely well with those at Misericordia, which is confirmed by the excellent academic and student life experiences of students," said Misericordia University President Thomas J. Botzman, Ph.D. "Misericordia University is fortunate to have a number of outstanding Trinity students among our community and are excited for more to join us soon."

"This partnership stands as a blessing for the students of Trinity High School. Misericordia's generous two-tiered partnership allows our students to experience the full range of programs offered by this fine Catholic institution," said Trinity Principal John W. Cominsky. "It's wonderful to partner with an institution whose mission aligns with our own, and to recommend this school to our students with great confidence."

Under the agreement, signed by Botzman and Cominsky, Trinity students who meet defined requirements are guaranteed admission to Misericordia. Students who have a 3.00 GPA (85%; calculated by Misericordia) and either 1080 SAT (EBRW and Math) or a 22 ACT composite qualify for this program and will receive, at minimum, a $12,000 four-year award, and a $3,000 four-year McAuley Award for Service and Leadership, with a total value of $60,000.

Misericordia University will also guarantee admission to the following entry-level programs: Master of Speech-Language Pathology (5 year), Doctor of Occupational Therapy (6.3 year), and Doctor of Physical Therapy (6.5 year), and a four-year renewable scholarship. Students who have a 3.4 GPA (calculated by Misericordia) and a 1170 SAT (EBRW and Math) or a 24 ACT composite. At minimum, Trinity students will receive a $16,000 four-year award, and a $3,000 four-year McAuley Award for Service and Leadership, with a total value of $76,000. To qualify for guaranteed admission, Trinity students must complete all application requirements by December 1 of their senior year.

The application fee for Trinity students to Misericordia has been waived.

A Misericordia admissions representative will visit Trinity as many as three times a year to share information about Misericordia's academic programs and the application, admissions, and financial aid processes.

For more information about taking advantage of this program, contact Trinity's Guidance Department .