Hypro's GuardianAIR Twin Results in Highest Coverage and Droplet Density in Recent Study
Hypro’s GuardianAIR Twin, a dual 30 degree incline air inducted nozzle was designed with optimum coverage in mind.   

The nozzle provides droplet uniformity with reduced drift (compared to a flat fan) while creating Medium and Coarse droplets to give optimum coverage and is now proven to be industry leading coverage by a recent third party study.

Dr. J Connor Ferguson
Assistant Professor and
Plant Protection Specialist

 Northwest Missouri State University

"If a grower wants to make an informed decision about drift reduction but doesn’t want to sacrifice coverage and efficacy, 
Hypro’s GuardianAIR Twin would be a very smart nozzle choice.”

- Dr. J Connor Ferguson  
The study, conducted by Dr. J Connor Ferguson, examined the following effects on coverage and droplet number density at a fixed application rate:
  • Spray pressure
  • Droplet size classification
  • Nozzle arrangement
Hypro’s GuardianAIR Twin resulted highest in the combination of coverage and droplet density of all nozzles tested. 
The bar graph above shows droplet deposition and median droplet diameter for  Hypro’s GuardianAIR Twin nozzle, as well as leading competitors at a spray pressure of 207 kPa (30 psi).
Angled Spray = Better Coverage & Efficacy
Pentair's Hypro's GuardianAIR Twin and GuardianAIR both have inclined spray angles.
See Hypro Product Manager, Wayne Steward, talk about the benefits of angled spray: 
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