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April Deadlines
Today, April 15, is normally TAX DAY, but this is not a normal year.
It's also National Take a Wild Guess Day, which seems quite appropriate!

  • C-corporations filing deadline today, unless extended
  • Trusts and Gifts filing deadlines today, unless extended
  • Estimated quarterly taxes for 1st Quarter 2021 due today
  • Tax documents for extension calculations due to us by April 26!
  • Contact your Tax Manager if you have questions on the American Rescue Plan Act's effect on your tax returns or tax liability
May 17th Deadline

  • New deadline for IRA and HSA contributions for 2020
  • Filing deadline for Individuals (Form 1040), unless extended
  • Filing deadline for Non-profits (Forms 990), unless extended
  • Deadline to pay taxes due for Individuals to avoid penalties and interest
Concept of electronic signature_ business at a distance_ Image of a phone and a hologram of a contract and a hand with a pen for signature. Remote collaboration_ online business. Mixed media
E-signatures are secure, efficient, easy and free for our clients! If you use our CLIENT PORTAL, you will receive an email with a LINK to sign documents digitally after your tax returns are completed. These documents may include: the Engagement Letter and E-file authorization forms for federal and state INDIVIDUAL returns. Businesses and children cannot e-sign.

When you click on the LINK in the email notification, you will be taken to a third-party site in order to e-sign using the following steps (click HERE if you want to preview a VIDEO of the steps on the Portal FAQs tab of our website):
  1. View documents to be signed
  2. Agree to terms and answer questions to verify your identity
  3. Review
  4. Create your signature
  5. Review again and Submit (we will be notified that you have submitted)
  6. Download signed documents for your records

  • If you file a JOINT return, both spouses will receive separate emails and both must successfully verify their identities in order to successfully e-sign
  • After the first notification, you will receive another reminder with the LINK to e-sign, and you will have 48 hours to complete the process
  • If you are notified that the e-sign process failed, please click on the DECLINE option to stop receiving reminders - you should then print the forms and manually sign them
  • When we receive your signed documents, you are authorizing us to e-file your returns, so please review them first!
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The office will be closed on April 16 and May 18
We are also closed on May 28 and May 31 - Happy Memorial Day!

Nancy Carter, Office Manager
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