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                                "SEE WHAT JUST LANDED AT SELWOOD"

Developed in Europe and now available stateside, Selwood is excited to announce our addition of Helice (pronounced hell - ees) skeet shooting. Described by Garden and Gun Magazine as "the closest thing to live bird shooting you'll ever see that doesn't have a live bird in it'- this sport will add to your fun at the farm, as well as providing opportunity for you to excel in intuitive shotgunning. Originally landing in Texas from Europe, Selwood is now one of the few premier clubs in the United States offering this advancement to sporting clays. We are proud to be the first in Alabama to bring this to you and look forward to your feedback after experiencing Helice. To read more about what to expect, check out the recent Garden and Gun article here: 

Shooters tip of the month. Practice the right way
:You can practice 24/7 but if you're doing it wrong you are wasting your time! It's even worse than wasting your time,you're making it harder to learn correctly in the future. By having someone watch you, you can avoid that trap and get better with each and every  iteration you perform.

Remember to contact our office for your private or group shooting lessons
Valued members and guests of Selwood:  We hope that each of you are as excited as we are as we anticipate our 30th hunting season. The farm is in excellent shape and we have great cover due to all of the rainfall this spring and summer. 
We are very blessed and hope to see each of you soon!

Come see us at Selwood and have a blast!

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